Larger Than Life

This week has had an unintentionally underlying theme of design principles and craftsmanship. I can’t think of a better way to end that kind of a week than with a feature on the larger than life textile & costume designer, Nick Cave, who exemplifies all of the above. I am still learning about Nick’s design philosophy and work, but you don’t need to know too much to appreciate his unique perspective and artistic passion.

Photo Credit: The New York Times

For those of you that want the details behind this fascinating artist, here is a brief summary about his work.

“Nick Cave ( Chicago ) began his career as a performer and fashion designer, creating fantastic, almost ritualistic costumes for dance and performances. More recently, he has been presenting these costumes as sculptural objects. These works, which he calls Soundsuits, are textured, sensual, elaborately designed assemblages of sometimes unexpected materials that act almost like musical instruments, emitting sound as they move. He has produced 40 of these pieces, which he describes as ‘full body suits constructed of materials that rattle with movement . . . like a coat of armor, [they] embellish the body while protecting the wearer from outside culture.’ ”

Photo Credit: via The Art Monitor

Photo Credit: via Loudreams

Photo Credit: via Loudreams

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Photo Credit: via Chicago Reader

I love that it is very difficult to place Nick in any particular category of art or design. He’s more than a costume designer, his work doesn’t act as apparel design for consumers, his textiles are only produced for one Soundsuit, and his pieces challenge the idea of tradition sculptural art. Who is Nick Cave?…A completely unique and incredibly talented artist!