Fierce on Facebook

What does a person do when work is a long distant thought, house chores are taking a back seat, free time with the hubby is aplenty, and the weather is a perfect mix of brisk and sunny?…Go to the Zoo!! (and eat sushi for dinner, yogurt for dessert and hot chocolate to top it off). This is how David and I ended our holiday hiatus from work and school. It was glorious and along the way I snapped a few shots of the awe inspiring creatures that accompanied our day.

I also captured a few natural scenes between the critters.

Here’s the thing, though…I got so many awesome photos that I can’t fit them all in this post. 😦 So what do I do in these dilemmas (trust me, it’s happened before)? I post an overflow album through Hilary Inspired’s Facebook page! Yes, just like everyone else, Hilary Inspired uses Facebook on those days that aren’t so pretty or well arranged to catch up with friends and spread the latest news. And now (when you LIKE my Facebook page) you can also see behind-the-scenes photos and overflow albums.

Feel free to pass the link along to your buddies, too. HERE. For all of you who have already been keeping up with Hilary Inspired via FacebookThank You So Much!! (Imagine this smiling monkey is saying “thank you” also. We’re both very grateful for all the support). 🙂

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

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