Peacock & Peasoup

While browsing through my ever-expanding inspiration file, I noticed a remarkable trend…Peacock blue and Pea-soup green. Interesting, I thought!

Photo Credits: (From top, clockwise) Domino Magazine, Celerie Kemble, Domino MagazineNick Olsen, Domino Magazine, Celerie Kemble, Domino Magazine

Now, my question, is this a popular color combo at the moment or just a palette that I am strongly attracted to (hence, the quantity of images saved to my files in this color-way)? I’m curious to know what you’ve been seeing. Regardless, I think it is a beautiful combination and can’t wait to find more ways to incorporate it into my home and wardrobe!

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Mad for Plaid

Photos: Domino Magazine, Madewell, Elle Decor

Finally, the timing is right to showcase some of my favorite patterns and textures of the entire year! Tweed, leather, wool, cashmere, flannel…all favorites! But one Autumn element that seems to top the rest is plaid. A yearly classic with undeniable heritage and history yet still an easy piece to mix and match and dress up or down.

Photos: Lonny Magazine, Williams Sonoma, Lonny Magazine, Apartment Therapy

Photos: The Smugger, Unknown, Urban Outfitters

My wardrobe is amply stocked with pleated plaid skirts, wintery flannel blouses, and bright tartan ponchos, but my home decor has yet to become involved in the trend. So, I have a few plaid inspired DIY projects for our home up my sleeve that I can’t wait to get started on…now I just have to slow down enough to get them finished! Keep your eyes open for updates in the next few weeks.

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Gray is the New Black

Black is forever. It is a staple that will never lose its status in the world of decorative arts and design. But when you’re looking for something just as classic, equally enduring, and thoroughly modern, gray is your new pal!

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

And I especially love it in this softest dove shade.

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

Photo Credit: Style Swoon via Design Sponge

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Style Swoon via Design Sponge

Photo Credit: Cote Maison

Enjoy your weekend, friends, and see you back here, same time same place, on Monday!

Still Loving…

Paul Smith! And the beautiful environment he chose to set his Spring 2011 collection to on the runway. I loved creating last week’s post about his work and have found myself referencing it in thought several times since then. In this case, it only makes sense that I share a few interior scenes that I feel exemplify the look.

Image Collage: Hilary Walker

Image Collage: Hilary Walker

Image Collage: Hilary Walker

Person to Place: Episode 1

The other day, I posed a question to you, my wonderful readers, asking for suggestions regarding weekly features you would like to see here on Hilary Inspired…while I didn’t get an overwhelming response, I think I will go with a personal favorite inspired by none other than Domino Magazine. So without further ado,

Introducing an insightful translation from Person to Place.

Here’s how it works:

First the Person…

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Then the Place…

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

Simple as that! By the by, this combination of classic elements, warm neutrals, soft and plush textures, simple accessorizing, gold details, and contemporary mix of new and old is a style aesthetic that I feel as though I identify with the most. As I grow and develop in my understanding of personal style and artistry, my goal is to channel a clearer, truer representation of me. Today’s post is a step towards making that identification.


…I certainly do! It was only one of my all-time favorites, Domino Magazine. So, just because I feel like it, today’s second post is a tribute to Domino and particularly their popular outfit (or tablescape) into a room feature.

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

You may recognize the bottom image from a few days ago…it continues to inspire me.

On the same subject, I’ve been thinking about starting a weekly feature where I translate an outfit into a room or vice versa. Is that something you would be interested in? If so, please leave a comment? I am working on developing a few regular features and would love to have your input!

Cafe Style

Now that the weather has definitely warmed up, my mind keeps drifting to a pleasant seat on a cafe patio overlooking a busy street…(a spring version of this scene)…that has to be one of the best perks of pleasant weather, in my opinion.

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

Photo Credit: by Destined to Design

Photo Credit: from Erin Ever After

These two were just too cute not to share…

04 typical cafe scene;, Montelimar, France
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: 04 typical cafe scene;, Montelimar, France

Photo Credit: Erin Ever After

Here are some  interior scenes inspired by this idea…

Photo Credit: Dittie Isager from Domino Mag

Photo Credit: Domino Mag