12 Months Later…

…my secret wish to share a unique “voice” for design and style and join in the fun of design blogging has become a reality. 12 months later…I have accomplished more than I ever expected and discovered opportunities that previously would have never existed (I mentioned a few of these in my New Year’s post HERE). 12 months later…I have developed a community of distant friends and acquaintances that make this big, scary world seem much more friendly and not so big. 12 months later…Hilary Inspired turns 1 year old TODAY!

In anticipation of today’s post, I thought it would only be appropriate to share my personal inspiration board for the next season that sits in my little nook of an office. It is yet another glimpse into my constantly curious, endlessly inspired mind, heart, and soul.

It would be really easy to over talk an occasion such as this. It means a lot to me! Silly as it may sound, this little blog has been a significant and life changing part of this past year for me. (My husband can attest to all the hard work, thought, and love that goes into every post). So, in an attempt to preserve the sweetness of this small holiday, I would like to say one simple thing…thank you for being here!! And here’s to another year of inspiration!

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