A Night at the Thrift Studio

Oh dear, dear, dear…. we are already half way through the week and I haven’t spoken to you once! The weekend is well over and I am a full week and a half behind in telling you about what I did the weekend before! Despite my tardiness and delayed posting, however, here I am – ready to share a few moments from a beautiful event not too long ago.

Many of you have heard me talk about Dwell with Dignity. If you live in the DFW Metroplex you may have even attended one of their previous events. In fact, folks all across the country may be aware of them now after a national debut on The Nate Berkus Show! They are a wonderful charitable organization that works to create homes for those less fortunate with dignity and beauty. I could go on and on about their many merits but visit their site HERE to get more (and better) details.

Today, I am interested in telling you about a very exciting project that the Dwell team recently embarked on. With a warehouse brimming full of generous furniture and home decor donations, Dwell had the idea to create a pop-up thrift shop to sell off their excess inventory and bring in additional income for the organization. Enter, Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio… Wonderful! But even better than that, they decided to also bring in some of the area’s most talented designers to style several vignettes using reworked pieces from the warehouse. Brilliant!! I attended the preview party and let me tell you, it was awesome! I was completely blown away by the creativity and ingenuity used by each team to make old, worn items new and fresh again (of course, knowing many of the designers, I also didn’t expect anything less than fabulous).

Here are a few shots I managed to take between mingling with a pleasant and bustling crowd of supporters.

The Dining Room by EJ Interiors

The Office by studio ten 25

The Lounge by SWOON [the studio]

The Study by Jones Baker

The Parlor by PULP Design Studios

I think the pictures speak for themselves… this is a fantastic event and a MUST for anyone in the Metroplex area but visit soon! The shop closes at the end of October. The prices are very reasonable and support a fantastic cause. If you happen to pick up an item from the Thrift Studio, let me know. There were so many wonderful treasures I would have taken home with me!! I’d love to know what made it into your place.

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1. Peacock Creamware Vase 2. Organic Beach Bath Towel 3. Gold Brown Paper Vessel 4. Cobalt Blue Glasses 5. Brass Hollywood Regency Lamp 6. Original Gouache Painting – 1 7. Original Gouache Painting – 2 8. Green & Blue Marbled Earrings 9. Wooden Letter “H” 10. Jeanne D’Arc Embroidered Dress 11. Two-Sided Pedestal Vanity 12. Needlepoint Pillow 13. Retro Yellow Urn 14. Graphic Orange Steelcase Chair 15. Blue Floral Heels 16. Cadeaux Beaded Necklace

#1 Favorite thing about Etsy: their spirit of community and entrepreneurship. #2 Favorite thing about Etsy: their beautiful collages of hand-picked items on the opening page (visit the site to see what I mean). Every day offers a new and inspiring compilation of talented artists, craftsmen, and vintage curators arranged to fit the month, week, day, and even hour. These style stories are “An ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery” and created by theme, color, season, and craft. So, today I am sharing my own style story/shopping gallery… my current favorites that found their way into my {heart} list. Enjoy! (I tried to think of a title but couldn’t…any suggestions?)

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Confessions of a Thrifter

By now, most of you know that I have a keen appreciation for hidden treasures and diamonds in the rough. My favorite pastime is vintage, antique, and thrift shopping. After my “This to That” series, which I am taking a short break from, and other second-hand inspired posts (HERE, HERE and HERE), I thought a brief summary of my tips and suggestions for a happy thrifting day would be well timed. Besides, with Lent coming to a close and Pascha (Easter) right around the corner, its time to come clean about my dangerous habit!

So, thanks to the suggestion of my endlessly wonderful husband, I am posting a new feature today that I am especially excited about…partly because I think you’ll like it and partly because I love it too!

Photo Credits: David Walker and Hilary Inspired

(and a few tips to scavenge by)

  • Begin with an open eye and creative outlook (treasures can be found in the oddest   shapes and forms.
  • Come prepared…comfy clothes, easy layers, and a few bags to take your                   goodies home in!

 (by the way, all items from today’s ensemble were found from a thrift shop)

  • Skim through everything (quickly)!  You don’t want to miss a rack and your fantastic find just might be around that corner.

  • Look for cool patterns, natural textures, and pretty colors.

  • Pay attention to interesting shapes. 

  • Search for collections. Duos, trios, and entire groups are rare and precious finds!

  • Always check out the art! (This is the best way to find original pieces at an affordable price. I have an entire gallery wall planned from thrift store finds…and if you don’t like the art, you can usually find some pretty awesome frames!) 

(on this particular visit I picked up a beautiful pastel painting framed locally in Fort Worth!)

  • Consider a theme while shopping. Much like the “shop for an outfit idea”, a loose theme can make for an interesting and less overwhelming venture. (it seems to always happen to me by accident!)

  • Last but not least, leave happy! Thrifting requires patience and diligence…if it wasn’t your day, the next may be! The wonderful thing about treasure hunts is that tomorrow holds a whole new batch of surprises!

Just as important as the first part of today’s post, I want to know what your secrets and successes have been. (Best finds, insider tips, local hot spots?) Let’s open this topic up and have a chat!

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Still Loving…

…Etsy and all the beautiful things to be found there. Yes, I’m still browsing (…I told you it wouldn’t be good!). This time I revisited a few of my favorite shops including “Two Art Directors and a Photographer“.

I first learned about Jamie and Larry’s “grown-up lemonade stand” Etsy shop through Rue Magazine’s photo spread of their Dallas home. Turns out their shop is a wonderfully accessible reflection of their unique home. Each piece conveys a cohesive message…heritage, history, character, and mystery.

Photo Credit: All – Two Art Directors and a Photographer

It feels as though each object has an untold narrative and the images that Jamie and Larry share immediately pull you into that story…imagine what these pieces would do when placed in your home!

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Emerson Made (my day)

I can’t believe it…I’m still in a swirl of excited shock…I am totally honored to have been awarded Emerson Made’s New Year Bonanza Raffle Giveaway!! If you’ve been around since last Spring, you may remember that I have been in love with Emerson’s beautiful work for quite some time. So, to have the chance to own a few of her pieces is a dream come true!

Emerson has been best known for her charming silk floral accessories, however she recently launched a clothing line this past Fall (and created a stir of excitement among her many fans).

Now one premier season of clothing down, Emerson is well on her way to release her Spring line of clothing. You can find her preview scattered amidst her wonderfully entertaining blog.

If you are classic, cheerful, quirky, colorful, and feminine, you will love Emersonmade! Take a peek!

Thanks, Emerson!!!

Hot Off the Press

Joyful holiday celebrations with dear friends and family…DONE. New Year’s resolution…DONE. Un-Goal list…also DONE! So what am I forgetting? Oh yes, of course. My yearly purchase that gives me something special to admire throughout the year as well as keep me on track throughout the week….my wall art calendar! This is something that I look forward to every year and the subsequent art prints have become awesome source material for many a DIY project in my crafting history. If you’re like me, you wait until after the New Year (or just a few days before) to purchase your calendars. The sale prices are just so much better! Since this is the first New Year during which I am blogging, I think it is only appropriate that I share my calendar recommendation.

Cavillini & Co. Press all the way! Their prints are beautifully printed on linen card stock paper and their art choices are always appealing. I first learned about them while working at my parents cafe and bookstore (boy, those were the days!). Each year my parents stocked a handful of their journals and calendars and each year I admired them.

And guess what? Cavillini & Co. prints more than just calendars! Among their collection are weekly planners, wrapping paper, sticky notes…even rubber stamps and a Valentine collection.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. It would be so much more beneficial and certainly more interesting if you stopped by yourself. Start the year off with beauty! Browse HERE and find they’re distributors HERE.

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Dear Santa, Meet Zara

Dearest Santa,

I would kindly like to introduce you to my new best friend. Her name is Zara and she has me smitten!! In my Christmas list preparations, I have become completely distracted by her sharp shapes, classic colors, and sophisticated styling.

I wouldn’t want to pull you from your seasonal duties, but I think you might appreciate this brief side tour. Although, this may not be exactly your style, I’m guessing Mrs. Clause wouldn’t mind a wardrobe update. Be careful that you don’t stay to long, though…you might end up with a bag full of goodies on your sleigh by the end! 😉

Photo Credit: Zara, Layout: Hilary

All my best! (and I’ve been good)


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