An Old Friend

My recent visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens was pleasant and refreshing. I always love a good afternoon walk in the garden! In addition to the beautiful weather and scenery, I also enjoyed strolling around in my good-for-most-occasions day dress… an old and beloved friend. This charming floral dress is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and is also perhaps the oldest (to me) item in my closet. Despite the changes in my personal style over the years, I still love it as much today as I did in my early teens and it has maintained it’s appearance surprisingly well over the years, as well. Longevity, comfort, and style – Now that’s the sign of an excellent purchase!

And what would a floral day dress be without my trusty red ballet flats to accompany it? Not as comfy or cute, I can tell you that! These are another pair of staples in my closet right now. I would say I wear them 75% of the week. I’m thinking an alternate set would be a good idea to give these babies an occasional rest. They must be so tired!

Cheers to the beginning of another week, friends! I hope you get the chance to step out and enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather.



A Slow Fall

I’m learning that the transition from Summer to Fall is a very slow process here in Texas. Literally! One day and small degree at a time, our temperatures are dropping. But mid-way through September we’ll still hovering around the 90’s! So, as you can imagine, my ever-growing desire to dress in plaid circle skirts, corduroy jackets, and thick wools socks (which has only been furthered by the Fall fashion buzz in the air) will have to subside for now. In the meantime, I have resigned to adopting a few Fall-ish accessories instead. In the place of a thick wool shawl and suede boots I am wearing this silk paisley scarf and navy suede purse.

I also feel like red lipstick is kind of a Fall thing… why is that, I wonder?

Anyone else singing the slow-Fall blues?

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Life as a Freelancer

My new freelance lifestyle has me coming and going, around the house, about the town, on the computer, behind the camera, and brainstorming up a frenzy! I have all sorts of exciting ideas rolling around in my head and hardly enough time to get them all done. Everyday begins the same… with a looong to-do list, which means there’s never a dull moment and that’s perfect for me!

Most days, though, I spend my time blogging here and posting hereherehere, and here (here, here, here, and here). This doesn’t require any fancy attire seeing as me, myself, and I are not very strict about office dress code. But on a special occasion, I may get myself dolled up for a designer Q & A or showroom tour, like I did on this day.

Like I said, I spend a lot of time working from my home office which I have purposefully papered with things that inspire my creative imagination. Totally by coincidence, my outfit matched the September calendar art behind me. Haha! I must be soaking up my environmental inspiration more than I realized!

Clothing Catalog: Top – Gap, Pants – Zara, Belt – EmersonMade, Bangle – Lemon Tree Antiques, Necklace – Macy’s, Shoes – MICHAEL Michael Kors

Life as a freelancer… it’s endlessly exciting. Now, if I can only keep up!

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T-Shirt, Jeans, & Bows

I’m not a big jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but there are definitely those days when the appeal of an outfit that is totally simple and completely comfortable trumps all other fashion fancies. As one who works from home, this idea is becoming more and more common. Despite the no-fuss point of a t-shirt and jeans ensemble, though, I still like to dress things up just a tad. On this particular day, I thought my vintage “gold” and “silver” beaded necklaces would be perfect against my heather-ed gray t-shirt. Not able to wear a completely neutral outfit, I added a little color to the mix by grabbing a few ribbons from my craft drawer and tying them onto the necklace strands making what felt like a brand new necklace!

To finish the look, I slipped on a pair of my “China” shoes (also know as my ninja shoes because I am nearly silent when wearing them!). They have recently become my favorite flats to scuff around the house in. Although their cloth body isn’t long lasting, I absolutely love the way they feel and will probably always have at least one pair in my wardrobe. Typically, I’ve purchased solid colored pairs in the past but this botanically inspired print really caught my fancy.

T-Shirt – Walmart (yes, Walmart), Jeans – Gap, Necklaces – Thrifted, Ribbons – Craft Drawer

How do you like to accessorize your t-shirt and jeans?

On a side note, for those of you familiar with Design*Sponge‘s recent site makeover, you may notice the similarity between today’s outfit and the new Design*Sponge look. This was totally by accident but I couldn’t help chuckling about it after the fact. Maybe’s it’s the pink and red hued ribbons…

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Old Dress, Old Chair… Old Soul

Since  I first started taking notice of clothing and decor as a young girl, I have been drawn to old things… clothing from a different era, patterns with a sense of heritage, decor telling a piece of history. I thinks it’s kind of odd considering that I am now such a fan of the modern arts… curious how our tastes develop and change over time. Despite my personal evolution, there’s no question that my love for antiques and vintage still burns strong (case and point HERE, HERE, and HERE). On days such as this one, it is unmistakably obvious!

Initially, I bought this old chair for it’s sturdy construction and clean, classic lines. The fabric works fairly well in our living room but it was a secondary interest. It’s old and tattered and could use a facelift. But after living with it for several months, I am slowly appreciating it’s age and history more and more. My plans for re-upholsterey and re-stuffing are most definitely still on the project queue but for the time being I’m enjoying it’s current state, ragged as it may be. (My choice for new fabric will probably be more neutral and a smaller pattern, but I have to admit that this retro fabric is actually very nice. It must have been really lovely in it’s own day!)

The dress is also a vintage piece I picked up HERE (of course). I love the rainbow seersucker and reverse button back. Likewise, it shows a visible history in the form of a falling hem (now repaired) and occasional age spots. This might be a negative for some but I like to think it adds character and interest to the piece. In my girlish practice of dressing up for the day, I can’t help but think about the lady that wore this dress before me. Who was she? Did she feel as elegant and polished as I do while wearing it? Was it a Sunday outfit or everyday house dress? Did she value it’s wonderful large, front pockets as much as I do? Our lifestyles have changed so much over the years. What was common then is special now. Part of my joy in wearing and using old pieces is the sense of refinement that comes with their use and is practically unavoidable. They seem to elevate the ordinary to something more significant.

Am I stuck in the past? I hope not. I greatly value the pursuit of originality. But do I have an old soul? Well, I think that’s obvious… undoubtedly, yes!

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Keeping Cool & Staying Fresh

The heat here in North Texas is unbelievable! Last night it was 108 degrees at 8:00 in the evening… a completely unreasonable temperature, if you ask me! Believe it or not, keeping cool and staying fresh in this heat is more than just using air conditioning. How you dress is a big part of how you feel and that applies to the affects of summer heat too!

My uniform of late has been a combination of loose fitting button-up blouses and slouchy, comfortable denim shorts. Thrown together with a pair of fun earrings and I’m in business!! My method seems to work pretty well for me. How do you choose to stand above the heat in style?

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!! We all know lots of water means a healthy body and radiant skin!

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Casual Friday

For me, Friday everyday is casual… I don’t have much need to get fancied up for work anymore. But that doesn’t keep me from dressing in a way that makes me feel good.

I love stripes (especially bold ones), classic worn-in jeans are hands-down the best, this Art-Deco style necklace is an instant statement piece, my shoes are both incredibly comfortable and attractive, and emerald green is one of my favorite colors!! All ingredients for an outfit that boosts my confidence and makes everyday casual a little more fun!

And yes, our yard is completely dead… welcome to Texas in the late summer!

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Summer in the South

Summertime in the South (now the Southwest) evokes very specific emotions and memories, all of which seem to be tied up with relaxing and staying cool. For those of you that live there, you know exactly what I mean! In today’s post, which is less about words and more images, I attempt to capture a few of those quintessential elements of summer… old screens, thick hot air, cold drinks, loose cotton clothing, and sittin’ on the porch. Am I right? (ok, well most people have porch chairs to sit on, but I’m workin’ on that!)

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