Let There Be Brass

Photo Credit: Lonny Mag Aug/Sept 2010, Design: Callie Jenschke of Scout Designs

I was so excited to purchase my mod yet sophisticated vintage brass lamp when David and I first moved into our new home. With its graphic shade and warm, metallic base I think it is the perfect launching point for the rest of the room’s design. While I have been aware of the fact that this is a growing trend, little did I know just how many stylish people out there have also embraced the look!

Photo Credit: Manny Rodriguez from Atlantis Home

Photo Credit: Vogue Living Australia May/June 2011, Styled by Sibella Court, via The City Sage

Photo Credit: Original Source Unknown, via The Glamourai

See what I mean! And it goes way beyond lamps too (case and point…but let’s not get distracted).

Photo Credit: The Brick House

Photo Credit: Vogue Living Australia May/June 2011, Styled by Sibella Court, via The City Sage

Photo Credit: Small Shop Blog

What do you think? Is this style a keeper and would you try it in your home? (If so, here are 1 & 2 cool Etsy finds that you might like.)

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Confessions of a Thrifter

By now, most of you know that I have a keen appreciation for hidden treasures and diamonds in the rough. My favorite pastime is vintage, antique, and thrift shopping. After my “This to That” series, which I am taking a short break from, and other second-hand inspired posts (HERE, HERE and HERE), I thought a brief summary of my tips and suggestions for a happy thrifting day would be well timed. Besides, with Lent coming to a close and Pascha (Easter) right around the corner, its time to come clean about my dangerous habit!

So, thanks to the suggestion of my endlessly wonderful husband, I am posting a new feature today that I am especially excited about…partly because I think you’ll like it and partly because I love it too!

Photo Credits: David Walker and Hilary Inspired

(and a few tips to scavenge by)

  • Begin with an open eye and creative outlook (treasures can be found in the oddest   shapes and forms.
  • Come prepared…comfy clothes, easy layers, and a few bags to take your                   goodies home in!

 (by the way, all items from today’s ensemble were found from a thrift shop)

  • Skim through everything (quickly)!  You don’t want to miss a rack and your fantastic find just might be around that corner.

  • Look for cool patterns, natural textures, and pretty colors.

  • Pay attention to interesting shapes. 

  • Search for collections. Duos, trios, and entire groups are rare and precious finds!

  • Always check out the art! (This is the best way to find original pieces at an affordable price. I have an entire gallery wall planned from thrift store finds…and if you don’t like the art, you can usually find some pretty awesome frames!) 

(on this particular visit I picked up a beautiful pastel painting framed locally in Fort Worth!)

  • Consider a theme while shopping. Much like the “shop for an outfit idea”, a loose theme can make for an interesting and less overwhelming venture. (it seems to always happen to me by accident!)

  • Last but not least, leave happy! Thrifting requires patience and diligence…if it wasn’t your day, the next may be! The wonderful thing about treasure hunts is that tomorrow holds a whole new batch of surprises!

Just as important as the first part of today’s post, I want to know what your secrets and successes have been. (Best finds, insider tips, local hot spots?) Let’s open this topic up and have a chat!

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Thrifting Thursday’s: Episode 9

Last episode of “Thrifting Thursday’s: From THIS to THAT“, I highlighted the transformative power of a shiny coat of black paint. This week, I am featuring the work of a tremendously talented DIY-er and new found design blog acquaintance, Holly from Life in the Fun Lane who has a distinctively stylish eye for white paint. In her time at home with her darling daughter Olivia, Holly founded and now operates a furniture recovery company, White Berry Reinvented. Aside from her extensive archive of DIY projects, Holly also offers many of her refurbished pieces For Sale, and I know you won’t want to miss that! Today’s collage is a collection of recent thrift store finds set against a few of Holly’s lovely recreations.

Photo Credit: Snapshots – Hilary Walker, All other photos – Holly Baker of White Berry Reinvented

Diamonds in the rough are not always so hard to find…all you need is a keen eye and a determined dose of elbow grease! Am I right Holly?

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In the Grid-Work

I was shuffling through my mail a few weeks ago and discovered an unexpected treat at the bottom of the pile…a brochure of gorgeous antique furniture for sale through a local auction house. After an initial skim, I decided to lay out the opened advertisement on my kitchen table. A few days later, it was still there…I hadn’t felt the desire to put it away (and I am a very tidy person). Another few days and, still, it remained out in the open on my table. Hmmm, mysterious! Apparently, I wasn’t tired of looking at the lovely pieces…I found myself drawn and attracted to its orderly presentation and informative arrangement.

After a bit more consideration, I realized that the strictly informational presentation is actually what made the pieces so interesting. Instead of being nestled into photoshoot-ready rooms, each piece stood proudly on its own, to be admired not for its contribution to the whole but rather its significance and beauty as an individual.

By the way, it’s now on display in my office and I’m guessing it just might stay there for a little while longer.

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From This to That: Episode 8

It’s a simple equation. Take an old, discarded table…coat in generous layers of jet black paint…add an immediate element of drama and sophistication to any room. In today’s episode, the office is learning to become more exciting…and I am studiously taking notes. I have a desk very similar to the second example that badly needs a makeover. Hmmm. Jet black paint. Yes, I’m convinced! (DIY feature to come).

Credits: Snapshots – Hilary Walker, 1. Richard Hallberg for Designer Visions The Setai Showhouse, Photo – Max Kim-Bee 2. David Jimenez, Carriage House Classic

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Still Loving…

…Etsy and all the beautiful things to be found there. Yes, I’m still browsing (…I told you it wouldn’t be good!). This time I revisited a few of my favorite shops including “Two Art Directors and a Photographer“.

I first learned about Jamie and Larry’s “grown-up lemonade stand” Etsy shop through Rue Magazine’s photo spread of their Dallas home. Turns out their shop is a wonderfully accessible reflection of their unique home. Each piece conveys a cohesive message…heritage, history, character, and mystery.

Photo Credit: All – Two Art Directors and a Photographer

It feels as though each object has an untold narrative and the images that Jamie and Larry share immediately pull you into that story…imagine what these pieces would do when placed in your home!

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Quiet Moment…In the Library

Recently, I have been burning the candle at both ends. Between my job at Havertys, my work at Studio Bon, my personal life, and this blog I have been a pretty busy lady…to say the least! Do you want to know a little secret, though? My dear husband has been working much harder and longer!

We knew graduate school would be no walk in the park but despite our weary anticipation of long days and little sleep, this past semester has been a challenge for us both. As David wraps up his first semester as a Texas Christian University percussion performance graduate student (I am so proud of him!), I want to give you all a brief glimpse into the world that has demanded so much of his time and energy…the TCU Music Library. (Thanks Research and Bibliography night class)

Inspiration finds its way into the most common places such as old, smelly books on a shelf. In the right light, they are not only treasures of knowledge but story filled objects full of beauty and artistry.

All Photos by Hilary

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I Read My Magazine!…Rue Review

Shocker…I know. Who reads magazine articles anyway? Don’t we all just flip through the pages to capture the visual candy between the paragraphs? Not this gal apparently! After completing my article for Rue Magazine Issue 2, I became a tad more interested in the stories behind the spreads. So, at the earliest chance available after the holiday weekend, I sat down with my computer in lap (as it usually is) and read through Issue 2. Wow!! Talk about content packed! This treasure of a publication has so much to offer beyond the pretty pictures. Today, I’d like to highlight a few of the gems I discovered that you may not have noticed at first glance.

Hand and Cloth: Stunning textiles crafted with dignity by the women of India and Bangladesh from discarded saris. (There story is truly inspiring! read about it HERE)

J. F. Chen: Fine antique and vintage dealer selling through online power house, 1st Dibs.

Luke Bartel: Artist of organically inspired home decor and furnishings.

Domicile ID: Interior Design duo bringing a fresh twist to classic, vintage, contemporary.

Mydeco.com: Unique resource for creating mood-boards, designing 3-D rooms, and shopping for your favorite holiday finds all online! Here’s my mood-board…Create your own and enter in a RUE MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY!…HERE

As you can see, there are endless amounts of precious knowledge yet to be discovered …all you have to do is read between the pictures! (…Or browse through my brief summary…there may be more to learn this afternoon, too.)

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