A Night at the Thrift Studio

Oh dear, dear, dear…. we are already half way through the week and I haven’t spoken to you once! The weekend is well over and I am a full week and a half behind in telling you about what I did the weekend before! Despite my tardiness and delayed posting, however, here I am – ready to share a few moments from a beautiful event not too long ago.

Many of you have heard me talk about Dwell with Dignity. If you live in the DFW Metroplex you may have even attended one of their previous events. In fact, folks all across the country may be aware of them now after a national debut on The Nate Berkus Show! They are a wonderful charitable organization that works to create homes for those less fortunate with dignity and beauty. I could go on and on about their many merits but visit their site HERE to get more (and better) details.

Today, I am interested in telling you about a very exciting project that the Dwell team recently embarked on. With a warehouse brimming full of generous furniture and home decor donations, Dwell had the idea to create a pop-up thrift shop to sell off their excess inventory and bring in additional income for the organization. Enter, Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio… Wonderful! But even better than that, they decided to also bring in some of the area’s most talented designers to style several vignettes using reworked pieces from the warehouse. Brilliant!! I attended the preview party and let me tell you, it was awesome! I was completely blown away by the creativity and ingenuity used by each team to make old, worn items new and fresh again (of course, knowing many of the designers, I also didn’t expect anything less than fabulous).

Here are a few shots I managed to take between mingling with a pleasant and bustling crowd of supporters.

The Dining Room by EJ Interiors

The Office by studio ten 25

The Lounge by SWOON [the studio]

The Study by Jones Baker

The Parlor by PULP Design Studios

I think the pictures speak for themselves… this is a fantastic event and a MUST for anyone in the Metroplex area but visit soon! The shop closes at the end of October. The prices are very reasonable and support a fantastic cause. If you happen to pick up an item from the Thrift Studio, let me know. There were so many wonderful treasures I would have taken home with me!! I’d love to know what made it into your place.

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A Pretty Perch

I have thoroughly enjoyed the finished product of my gallery wall venture (originally featured HERE). Besides it reminding me of a home project I did actually complete (yes, I have trouble with unfinished projects), I also love that it creates such a strong visual statement near the entrance of our home. It greets our visitors with, “Hello! This is David and Hilary’s home and this is some of what we love and who we are!” The bookcases below the gallery play a wonderful supporting role by providing the perfect ledge for additional displays of personal home decoration.

A dear friend of mine visited from Nashville last week and brought these beautiful gladiolas along with her. What a sweet friend… she knows just what I love! The pink, red, and white blossoms added an interesting layer of color and texture against the picture frames and artwork behind them. Since open surface space can be a rare and precious commodity in small homes (and ours is no exception) I am very grateful to have this perfect little perch to rest my flowers on!

Where do you like to place your fresh flowers?

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A Simple Tablescape (yes, that’s a word)

A couple weeks ago, I pulled together a few odds and ends to create a simple table scape on our living room coffee table. Up until that point, our table sat bare and lonely… nothing on it to keep it company. I had grown so accustomed to the empty surface that when I added a few pieces to its top, the difference was surprising! Suddenly our living room felt more complete and official. For someone that has moved six times in the past six years, those sorts of details are important!

I don’t typically choose glass accessories… I like things that are a bit more sturdy and less dainty but I love the way the light reflects through these candlesticks and I enjoyed collecting unique pieces of different shapes to compliment one another. This Asian inspired dish is probably my favorite part of the group. I love the colors and am using it as inspiration for the rest of the room, which is obviously still in progress as you can see from the picture below. (David and I have big plans for that bare spot on the wall!)

I can’t help but mention that today’s post feels perfectly timed after yesterday’s launch of Rue Issue 6. Did anyone see the “Arabian Days” spread? I thought it was a beautiful fantasy!! (especially that cover photo!)

My table scape, with a touch of exotic, lends me a similar feeling of escape and that’s what I love about it! (it should also be noted, for those shopping on a budget like me, that the contents of my table decor cost me in total no more than $20… a keen eye, patience, and clear sense of one’s style are all that’s necessary to shop on a budget).

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Gallery Opening!

Several hours of work and much deliberation later, my paper templates are filed away and my gallery wall of personal photos and artwork is complete!! (or, at least until I decide to make the next batch of changes… things are always evolving around here!)

Take a look at the beginning of this project HERE.

My inspiration started here:

This room, designed by Kristen Buckingham, is full of such beautiful and unique layers. When I first saw it, I was immediately attracted to the bold wall of artwork, the folksy and old-world sofa, the small Art Deco lamp on the right, and the bright green glass lamp on the left offsetting it all. In my opinion, the perfect balance of sophistication, artistry, playfulness, and comfort…. all goals of mine in creating the environment of our home.

Now, this is my version.

The wall above was already painted when we moved into our house and naturally acts as a focal point when guests enter our home. It’s open to our living and dining areas, acts as our library, and is the passageway to our bedroom in the back of the house. A gallery of artwork and personal photos that are significant to David and I seemed like an appropriate use of the space.

Urged on by commenters in THIS post, I decided that a little neon punch would help up the edge factor in our fairly traditional home. So, I included a bright, apple green vase in my design found totally by happenstance at a local thrift store. (those are the best discoveries)

Our main living area has one less bare wall now. I am filled with a great sense of accomplishment every time I walk by it and reminded of the many things I love. It’s far from perfect but that’s part of what I like about it. There’s room to grow and change!

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Work in Progress… Art Gallery

What does one do when the budget is tight? FINISH those projects you once started and left undone!! I am finally taking things to the next step with my collection of framed photos and artwork that I intended to create a wall collage with far too long ago.

Now that I’ve set my mind to it, I’ll be done in no time. I’ve collected my tools, assembled my materials, and finalized the design… all that’s left is to finish it. Gallery opening coming soon!!

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Take-Out Anyone?

The kitchen is a space in the home mostly focused on functionality… and rightly so! But it can be just as rewarding to play with its aesthetics as well. Case-in-point: This cleverly decorated kitchen from the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House in New York recently featured on one of my fave blogs, From Me to You. The backsplash is covered in take-out menus… quirky, clever, and totally useful. Cover that baby with a plexi-glass guard and you’re in business!

Absolutely love every bit of it!! And I didn’t even mentioned the lovely picture frames resting along the back of the counter. (now why didn’t I think of all that?) If your kitchen is open to other more formal areas in the house, this is a wonderful way to elevate the style factor and add a touch of sophistication to boot.

All Photos Credit to Jamie Beck of From Me To You

Tell me what you think. Would you try this in your home? (I am seriously considering it.)

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Part of my “job”  here on this blog is to scour the internet globe for resources and ideas (ok, well I do it mostly for fun), things that immediately grab my attention and hold onto it long enough to remember for the next time. That is the trick… next time. Those internet destinations that do manage to attract my return visit day after day are exceptional and I’ve been careful to not lose track of them. To help myself and hopefully you, I’ve recently updated my list of “Favorites” on the blog… a carefully edited list of those places that are top on my list! One such new addition, the site that makes me feel like a true Renaissance woman every time I visit, is 1st Dibs’ Introspective “Magazine”!!! Be informed, be educated, be inspired. You absolutely must read it!!

It offers everything from museum exhibit reviews, designer spotlights, industry updates, fashion profiles and reading recommendations. Enough to make any designer (or design enthusiast) a wee bit smarter and whole lot more well-rounded. 

For instance, I read a fascinating article on Andrew Bolton’s curation of the Met Museum exhibit of Alexander McQueen’s work, Savage Beauty, and another article on the progress of Dara Caponigro from Domino to her recent position as Editor-in-Cheif with Veranda… all wonderful information, right? So, what are you waiting for… take a look yourself! (here)

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Mad Men = Mad Style

Photo Credit: David Walker

It’s a well know fact that my roots are in the hills of middle Tennessee where I grew up. But Tennessee isn’t only home to moonshine and bluegrass (although I am a big fan… of the bluegrass, that is). In fact, my Southern homeland can be quite sophisticated at times! This particular event, the wedding celebration of two dear friends, was held at a chic, modern restaurant and bar, Easy Bistro, in downtown Chattanooga. It is the epitome of all that I am in love with right now… eclectic elegance and modern sophistication… oh, and Mad Men! (we are so behind the times and now totally addicted!)

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