The Season

Autumn gives me so many reasons to love it… hot apple cider, cozy sweaters, crunchy fallen leaves, bon-fires, cool breezes, and a bevy of new collections during the month of fashion, of course! Currently, Spring 2012 exhibitions are being shown in London after a successful week in New York. Paris and Milan are still to come. Despite my busy work schedule, I have managed to stay abreast of the latest shows with the frequently updated Vogue and My mind is spinning with sartorial opinions but I’ll wait to share those at the end of the season. For now, let’s embrace what’s at hand!

Below is my edited excerpt of favorites for Fall 2011. I love them all in different ways and found it unbelievably difficult to narrow the list down even this far! So, without further ado (or sideline commentary), I give you my…

Photo Credit: Dries Van Noten (Vogue) – 1, 2, 3, 4 / Jil Sander (Vogue) – 1 / Isaac Mizrahi ( / Diane von Furstenberg (Vogue) / Bottega Veneta (Vogue) – 1 / ADAM ( / Paul Smith (Vogue) / Proenza Schouler (Vogue) – 1, 2 / The Row – 1, 2, 3

Like a gift on Christmas morning, I love unwrapping the ideas and visions created by each designer. My favorites offer a unique yet balanced perspective on color, tailoring, texture, pattern, styling, and composition and those included here are just a few of the best. Though the specific pieces are far beyond my reach, the ideas serve as an infinite treasury of inspiration for my personal interpretation. I’m imagining whimsical pattern mixing, saturated jewel tones, classic silhouettes, unusual textures, easy layering, and thick wool socks!

How about you? What were some of your favorite collections for this Fall and how do you hope to incorporate those best-loved elements into your seasonal wardrobe?

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It’s Never Too Late

Fashion blues got you down? Let’s face it, sometimes jeans and a cotton shirt are the best a busy girl can muster up! Despite my over-scheduled life, though, I like to step things up a half notch with one fun accessory.

Like a cheerful flower…

(remember this piece?)

Or a vintage scarf…

Maybe even statement earrings will do the job…

Even better, if you left yourself more than negative 5 minutes leeway (like me), try them all together!

So, as you rush out the door to your super important, absolutely urgent appointment don’t forget…it’s never too late to have fun with what you wear! (or publish a blog post at the end of the week…finally I’m back and so glad to be, too!)

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So, apparently I like stripes. I could have probably told you that but it wasn’t until I started cleaning through my closet that I noticed the strong pattern appearance for myself.

Can you blame me, though? Graphic, playful, classic, preppy, masculine and feminine… It is a fantastic pattern to love! (Have you noticed a favorite pattern in your wardrobe recently?)

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Part of my “job”  here on this blog is to scour the internet globe for resources and ideas (ok, well I do it mostly for fun), things that immediately grab my attention and hold onto it long enough to remember for the next time. That is the trick… next time. Those internet destinations that do manage to attract my return visit day after day are exceptional and I’ve been careful to not lose track of them. To help myself and hopefully you, I’ve recently updated my list of “Favorites” on the blog… a carefully edited list of those places that are top on my list! One such new addition, the site that makes me feel like a true Renaissance woman every time I visit, is 1st Dibs’ Introspective “Magazine”!!! Be informed, be educated, be inspired. You absolutely must read it!!

It offers everything from museum exhibit reviews, designer spotlights, industry updates, fashion profiles and reading recommendations. Enough to make any designer (or design enthusiast) a wee bit smarter and whole lot more well-rounded. 

For instance, I read a fascinating article on Andrew Bolton’s curation of the Met Museum exhibit of Alexander McQueen’s work, Savage Beauty, and another article on the progress of Dara Caponigro from Domino to her recent position as Editor-in-Cheif with Veranda… all wonderful information, right? So, what are you waiting for… take a look yourself! (here)

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Mad Men = Mad Style

Photo Credit: David Walker

It’s a well know fact that my roots are in the hills of middle Tennessee where I grew up. But Tennessee isn’t only home to moonshine and bluegrass (although I am a big fan… of the bluegrass, that is). In fact, my Southern homeland can be quite sophisticated at times! This particular event, the wedding celebration of two dear friends, was held at a chic, modern restaurant and bar, Easy Bistro, in downtown Chattanooga. It is the epitome of all that I am in love with right now… eclectic elegance and modern sophistication… oh, and Mad Men! (we are so behind the times and now totally addicted!)

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I know my readers in colder climates will be aghast when they read this…but is Spring already over?! A few weeks ago, I took these photographs of a Spring outfit inspired by a Texas country vibe and mostly compiled of pieces acquired from my recent thrift store outing…a light weight sweater, maxi floral skirt, and blue straw hat.

Now reflecting back, I am amazed to realize that this outfit (just a few weeks later) would be entirely too warm for our current weather in North Texas…isn’t that crazy!! Considering that I have not even gotten the chance to change out my winter/spring wardrobes yet, this seems a bit ridiculous. Shouldn’t we be enjoying milder weather in which transitional clothing such as this is appropriate? Or am I totally underestimating the power of a Texas summer?

Well, if it can’t be worn in Texas, perhaps it can inspire an ensemble in Connecticut.
Happy Spring (or Summer) and enjoy it while it lasts!

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Wedding season for the lady-folk means lots of dresses. Sun-dresses for showers and luncheons, party dresses for rehearsal dinners and bachelorette events. And then of course, there is the dress for the actual event…the wedding! Well, this past weekend gave me the opportunity to doll up my dress ensembles for a special occasion. I love the common phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ because I find it to be frequently true in my life. For example, a pair of my favorite vintage shoes have been sitting idle in my closet for the past several months due to the fact that their strap doesn’t feel sufficiently sturdy. I have had my eyes on them for the longest time…wishing they were stronger and searching for a solution that would finally allow me to wear them. In preparation for my brother’s rehearsal dinner this past weekend, all it took was a little inspiration to discover the solution. And voila!

…they are fixed! I found a couple paisley printed silk scarves (long and narrow) with complementing color schemes and used them to tie under the sole of my shoe and around my ankle, making a strong yet adjustable strap as well as adding pretty bow embellishment to a classic pair of white pumps.

I now have a lovely pair of heels that feel totally new and unique! (not to mention perfectly girly and wedding appropriate!)

All Photos Credit to David Walker

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Tis’ the Season

…the season for weddings, for sure! This Spring David and I are honored to be in two weddings for family members near and dear…my brother’s wedding today (yippee!) and David’s cousin’s in two weeks. We couldn’t be happier for the whole bunch! So, in the spirit of this season’s nuptials, I wanted to post this behind-the-scenes video I found on Oscar PR Girl‘s website and taken from the making and presentation of Oscar de la Renta‘s 2012 Bridal Collection. I think it is fascinating to see the exquisite craftsmanship that is put into each dress and the discerning role of the designer in the presentation of the collection…every detail is noticed and considered.

Although I have a passion for well crafted design, and especially when it comes to apparel, I don’t have many pieces of designer clothing. In fact, most of my clothing is from obscure sources since I rely so heavily on second-hand finds. However, it makes me very happy to say that I do own three pieces of Oscar de la Renta clothing…and every time I wear them, I feel proud and blessed to have the privilege to don such beautiful pieces!

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