A Night at the Thrift Studio

Oh dear, dear, dear…. we are already half way through the week and I haven’t spoken to you once! The weekend is well over and I am a full week and a half behind in telling you about what I did the weekend before! Despite my tardiness and delayed posting, however, here I am – ready to share a few moments from a beautiful event not too long ago.

Many of you have heard me talk about Dwell with Dignity. If you live in the DFW Metroplex you may have even attended one of their previous events. In fact, folks all across the country may be aware of them now after a national debut on The Nate Berkus Show! They are a wonderful charitable organization that works to create homes for those less fortunate with dignity and beauty. I could go on and on about their many merits but visit their site HERE to get more (and better) details.

Today, I am interested in telling you about a very exciting project that the Dwell team recently embarked on. With a warehouse brimming full of generous furniture and home decor donations, Dwell had the idea to create a pop-up thrift shop to sell off their excess inventory and bring in additional income for the organization. Enter, Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio… Wonderful! But even better than that, they decided to also bring in some of the area’s most talented designers to style several vignettes using reworked pieces from the warehouse. Brilliant!! I attended the preview party and let me tell you, it was awesome! I was completely blown away by the creativity and ingenuity used by each team to make old, worn items new and fresh again (of course, knowing many of the designers, I also didn’t expect anything less than fabulous).

Here are a few shots I managed to take between mingling with a pleasant and bustling crowd of supporters.

The Dining Room by EJ Interiors

The Office by studio ten 25

The Lounge by SWOON [the studio]

The Study by Jones Baker

The Parlor by PULP Design Studios

I think the pictures speak for themselves… this is a fantastic event and a MUST for anyone in the Metroplex area but visit soon! The shop closes at the end of October. The prices are very reasonable and support a fantastic cause. If you happen to pick up an item from the Thrift Studio, let me know. There were so many wonderful treasures I would have taken home with me!! I’d love to know what made it into your place.

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Story of a Blogger… Brook+Lyn

I find a lot of inspiration from other bloggers who have chosen to pursue creative endeavors and then share them online. The world is sooo much bigger now that we can all connect through the internet! That is part of why I started blogging myself. One such lady that I have kept up with over the past couple years is Mimi Jung of Brook+Lyn. If you don’t already know about her work, I recommend that you hop over to have a look! Or stick around here, watch this interesting video narrated by Mimi and then visit Mimi’s site! (that sounds better) Hope you enjoy!

Mimi Jung of Brook&Lyn from SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR on Vimeo.

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Tis’ the Season

…the season for weddings, for sure! This Spring David and I are honored to be in two weddings for family members near and dear…my brother’s wedding today (yippee!) and David’s cousin’s in two weeks. We couldn’t be happier for the whole bunch! So, in the spirit of this season’s nuptials, I wanted to post this behind-the-scenes video I found on Oscar PR Girl‘s website and taken from the making and presentation of Oscar de la Renta‘s 2012 Bridal Collection. I think it is fascinating to see the exquisite craftsmanship that is put into each dress and the discerning role of the designer in the presentation of the collection…every detail is noticed and considered.

Although I have a passion for well crafted design, and especially when it comes to apparel, I don’t have many pieces of designer clothing. In fact, most of my clothing is from obscure sources since I rely so heavily on second-hand finds. However, it makes me very happy to say that I do own three pieces of Oscar de la Renta clothing…and every time I wear them, I feel proud and blessed to have the privilege to don such beautiful pieces!

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An Old Love

My recent return to sketching has re-kindled an old love for floral patterns. (Like I ever really lost interest in them in the first place). After a few short days, my notebook is now overflowing with wispy sketches of tea roses, zinnias, and bachelor’s buttons. Beyond my sketchbook, floral patterns have been graciously blooming on luxurious french linens from D. Porthault for years.

Patterns (top to bottom): New York Mille Fleurs, Mahe, Bouquet Eclate Coral, Lilas Blue, Iris, Pois de Senteur Pink

I can’t help but pine for the cheerful charisma D. Porthault‘s textiles must bring to every room they inhabit…like Rita Konig’s New York apartment that I happened upon while flipping through my archive of Domino Magazine issues. I found another photo of her bedroom via Rita’s previous blog in the New York Times (she now writes for the Wall Street Journal) that features one of my favorite D. Porhault patterns…Couers Pink!

For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, did you see the article I posted about “un-decorating“? This is exactly what I was imagining…it is so completely refreshing, don’t you think?

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Person to Place: Episode 7

It’s no secret that I am anxious for the arrival of Spring. Every season is the same…I can hardly wait to see nature’s scenery change into a new and exciting beauty! Whether it’s from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall, I never fail to fall in love. This Spring, I am especially interested in florals (I know, totally obvious and unoriginal…but what can I say, I love them!). Last season, Carolina Herrera presented a lovely Spring 2011 collection inspired by botanic prints and asian motifs….two of my personal favorite themes. Now, let’s envision that at home…

Photo Credit: Interior – S. R. Gambel, Fashion – Carolina Herrera, Photo via Vogue.com & Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW

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Draper Throwback!

Dorothy Draper was a woman unique to herself. She had an unmistakable sense of adventure, drama, glamour….and color!! For those of you that aren’t familiar with her iconic Greenbrier Hotel project, you are in for a special treat. And to those who have seen the maven of decor’s most famous work, well…I’m sure you won’t mind a pleasant review!

Photo Credits: Dorothy Draper & Company, Inc.

Dorothy was undoubtedly a pioneer of her time and influenced countless others that followed in her path (Him, Her, and Him for example). So, you want to know more about the prima donna of decor? (Of course, you do…who wouldn’t?!) Sadly, I left my essay skills behind in school, so take a trip HERE to learn more. Hope you enjoyed this little introduction! She was really something else!!

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From This to That…with studio bon

Today I would like to take a short detour from our regular Thrifting Thursday posting to share some exciting news. After many hours and tedious editing, the studio bon blog (that I participated in the collaborative design of) has officially launched and I would love to invite you over for a visit!

In celebration of this significant accomplishment, I have prepared some upholstery suggestions sourcing a few of my favorite studio bon patterns. Today, “From This to That” examines the role of a well chosen piece of upholstery in the transformation of a discarded piece of furniture. Take careful notes…projects like these are what set your home apart!

Ambassadors of Style: Episode 1

I am so thrilled to announce the latest venture from Hilary Inspired…a new series of style interviews from a few of my favorite design experts…the “Ambassadors of Style”! In this series, I will have the chance to pick the brains of those individuals who are forging the path of excellent design and style and then share their thoughts with you! This has been an idea of mine for quite some time and I couldn’t have asked for a better opening interview than with Lauren from Color Collective! Without further ado, here is Ms. Lauren!

Image Credit: Photo, Jamie Nelson via Lace & Tea, Layout: Lauren Willhite of Color Collective

Bunches of thanks, Lauren…and I hope you all found a tidbit of color knowledge to take home!

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