Mulberry Spice and Everything Nice

This cold spell of weather has summoned a constant yearning for spicy, hot beverages. And this color palette, inspired by The Sartorialist, is exactly what I imagine such a lovely drink to look like! Deep, thoughtful, spicy, and pulled from the fruits of nature.

Photo Credit: Image 1 – The Sartorialist, 2 – Debi Treloar, 3 – Apartment Therapy

What is your favorite drink when the icy weather and chilly bones set in?

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Making “The Homies”

Last week my new friend and Hilary Inspired follower, Michelle, left a comment about a contest on Apartment Therapy. I had never heard of it before but apparently the always-awesome home design site hosts a contest each year to elect the year’s newest and best home design blogs through nominations and votes. Some of my favorite sites have been honored to win in the past and now Hilary Inspired has a chance, too! Big thanks to Michelle for the nomination!! Cast your vote HERE by copying and pasting the following into the comments section:

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Nominations close January 25th at midnight and the more the better. As always, your support it deeply appreciated and encouraging!…Here’s hoping for the best!

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Emerson Made (my day)

I can’t believe it…I’m still in a swirl of excited shock…I am totally honored to have been awarded Emerson Made’s New Year Bonanza Raffle Giveaway!! If you’ve been around since last Spring, you may remember that I have been in love with Emerson’s beautiful work for quite some time. So, to have the chance to own a few of her pieces is a dream come true!

Emerson has been best known for her charming silk floral accessories, however she recently launched a clothing line this past Fall (and created a stir of excitement among her many fans).

Now one premier season of clothing down, Emerson is well on her way to release her Spring line of clothing. You can find her preview scattered amidst her wonderfully entertaining blog.

If you are classic, cheerful, quirky, colorful, and feminine, you will love Emersonmade! Take a peek!

Thanks, Emerson!!!

I Read My Magazine!…Rue Review

Shocker…I know. Who reads magazine articles anyway? Don’t we all just flip through the pages to capture the visual candy between the paragraphs? Not this gal apparently! After completing my article for Rue Magazine Issue 2, I became a tad more interested in the stories behind the spreads. So, at the earliest chance available after the holiday weekend, I sat down with my computer in lap (as it usually is) and read through Issue 2. Wow!! Talk about content packed! This treasure of a publication has so much to offer beyond the pretty pictures. Today, I’d like to highlight a few of the gems I discovered that you may not have noticed at first glance.

Hand and Cloth: Stunning textiles crafted with dignity by the women of India and Bangladesh from discarded saris. (There story is truly inspiring! read about it HERE)

J. F. Chen: Fine antique and vintage dealer selling through online power house, 1st Dibs.

Luke Bartel: Artist of organically inspired home decor and furnishings.

Domicile ID: Interior Design duo bringing a fresh twist to classic, vintage, contemporary. Unique resource for creating mood-boards, designing 3-D rooms, and shopping for your favorite holiday finds all online! Here’s my mood-board…Create your own and enter in a RUE MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY!…HERE

As you can see, there are endless amounts of precious knowledge yet to be discovered …all you have to do is read between the pictures! (…Or browse through my brief summary…there may be more to learn this afternoon, too.)

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A Peak Inside Their Places

The final moment has arrived…CB2 & Todd Selby have announced their final winners of the CB2 & The Selby In Your Place Contest. You may remember my entry that I posted HERE in August. The Contest came at a wonderful time for me in our transition from Tennessee to Texas. Our apartment was an upheaval of boxes & furniture after our recent move, David was busy with the beginning of graduate school, and I was at home most all of the time with little to do…just waiting to begin my new job in September. The contest gave me a mission and short term goal that motivated me to create a comfortable, inviting space that also reflected both the life and style of David and I. After a hurried preparation, frenzied campaign, and tremendous support (we can’t thank you all enough) we made it from a whopping 500 + entries to the top 18!! Although I’m sad to say that we didn’t make into the final 15, the incredible show of support from all my readers, family, and friends has meant more to me than I could have expected. Thank you all again! On that note, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite entries that I kept up with from the beginning of the contest. They aren’t all finalists, but I think they deserve a round of applause as well!

“Glamorous, Rustic, Modern Guest Room”

“Modest Eclectic Epicurean Home + Urban Garden”

“Artist’s Cabin in the Woods”

“The Shark Tank”

“Apartment 3r”

“Modern Urban Marries Color Fusion”

So many stylish people…so little time to be invited to all their fabulous parties that I’m sure they host. 😉 Finally, I also want to congratulate the very talented and fortunate individuals who were honored with final placement….Bravo!! It is well deserved! (You can find the official list HERE).