Mind of the Makeover… Modern Romantic

Well, here it is… my little dream of a website has finally come to fruition. I thought for so long that it would never happen but kept the idea firmly placed in my mind and didn’t let it go. Long nights in Photoshop and many hours brainstorming and editing later, I am giddy as a school girl with this exciting announcement. It just goes to show what a little determination, a positive attitude, and shear hope will do.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to watch my video from earlier today in which I take you on a quick tour of the site. As you can see, a lot has changed… perhaps even more than you initially realized. I want to make sure that you enjoy the full experience.

Now, if you thought that this snazzy new site makeover was all I would be sharing with you today, you are greatly mistaken! I have also composed a special behind-the-scenes look at my inspiration for the re-design. Like any good designer, I gathered a diverse collection of inspiring photographs, fonts, website bookmarks, book covers, sketches, and descriptors to better inform my developing concept. This vignette is a compilation of items that communicate the visual aesthetic I had in my mind’s eye for so many months.

Curated Collection by a Modern Romantic – an exploration of the personal art of style.

I knew a clean, neutral backdrop would accentuate the content of the site while also creating a classic and timeless atmosphere. To bolster it’s subtle foundation, though, I decided to work with bold, architectural typography that was at once modern and reminiscent.

The idea of our lives as a personal art where the values, message, and aesthetics of an individual are carefully chosen and communicated has been incredibly fascinating to me. Naturally, I was attracted to the image of paint marks and splatters as indicators of work in progress and a reference to this notion.

I have always been attracted to rich, saturated colors primarily in jewel tones. Although, going forward, I hope to shift the focus of this blog from exclusively my style to incorporate the personal style of many others, I did want the site to reflect a few of my specific preferences. So I chose to use accent colors inspired by this wall calendar of illustrations by Erte (published by Orange Circle Studio). It has rested on the wall beside my desk during this entire design process and frequently offered moments of eureka and inspiration.

Lastly, these words above which came from my pin board atop my desk were constant reminders of what I have been working towards. It would bore you to explain all the ins and outs of why, but perhaps you already understand without me having to say anymore. After all, this is a visual journal… let’s leave it at that.

If you care to know more about the directional changes I have been envisioning for Hilary Inspired over the past several months, visit my new “About” page HERE. You may like to know what the future holds!

My last note for today is one of gratitude to my husband David for being a wonderful counselor throughout this process and to my brother Andrew who made this all possible. No, really… none of this would have happened without his generous guidance and assistance in all technical aspects.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

On my Own!

The past year has seen more changes in my life than I could possibly list. But today I am announcing an important and exciting change that trumps them all! As many of you may know, I have been working at Haverty’s for the past 10 months as a furniture sales person. While it has been a tremendous learning experience for me, I have long felt that a new direction was necessary, something that allows me more creative opportunities and challenges. Exit stage left – Havertys…Enter stage right, Social Media Writer! Today I am officially the social media writer for both Mottega (who I have been writing with for the past couple months) and Arteriors Home, Arteriors Contract, and Arteriors Too. The doors of change that lie ahead of me are brimming with opportunity and I can’t wait to get started! Along with my work at Mottega and Arteriors, I will now have more time to devote to my personal blog as well as independent interior design endeavors. (So spread the word!)

Awesome graphic design by my super talented brother, Andrew Turner. (Thanks, buddy!)

I feel like such a grown-up business woman with a grown-up business card to boot! (insert “Social Media Services”)

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From This to That…with studio bon

Today I would like to take a short detour from our regular Thrifting Thursday posting to share some exciting news. After many hours and tedious editing, the studio bon blog (that I participated in the collaborative design of) has officially launched and I would love to invite you over for a visit!

In celebration of this significant accomplishment, I have prepared some upholstery suggestions sourcing a few of my favorite studio bon patterns. Today, “From This to That” examines the role of a well chosen piece of upholstery in the transformation of a discarded piece of furniture. Take careful notes…projects like these are what set your home apart!

Texas…Fort Worth Style

Yesterday, North Texas got a surprise visit from mother nature in the form of snow, sleet, ice, wind, and rain. All night long, gusts of up to 30 mph winds thrust themselves over our rooftop. By morning, all the roads were iced and the lawns covered in a blanket of snow. I’ve been hoping for a little break and this has given me the best possible escape…there is absolutely know way that I would leave the house in this weather! So I’m trapped inside and happy as a clam. In my down time, I’ve was browsing through my photos when I happened upon this set of shots taken at the Fort Worth Stock Show not long ago…I had totally forgotten to post them!

I know I have been posting a lot of animal inspired posts recently (point and case) but I just find them so fascinating to photograph. A couple weeks ago I attended the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and experienced what I feel is a very authentic Texas environment.  Not that everyone in Texas wears cowboy boots and spurs (just like not everyone in Nashville is a country singer/songwriter)….far from it. But there is a tie to the country life that can’t be denied…especially in Fort Worth or as some locals like to call it, Cowtown!

While touring the stock show grounds, I snapped a few photos of the “stock” being shown. The colors and textures were really something else! This post is a stretch from my usual style, but I thought you would appreciate the beauty none the less.

And yes, I did visit the petting zoo. This little, furry guy was adorable!

There was no shortage of turquoise, either…and even I pulled on my own cowboy boots to join the crowds.

One stock show down…one step further in the Texas experience!

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Matchbook to the Rescue!

Last night, while browsing Facebook and reaching a total loss for what to share with you today, I stumbled on some exiting news. (Thank goodness! My well of inspiration was drying up…strangely). For the past month I have heard rumors of a new online publication with a focus on a more complete lifestyle perspective. Their name is Matchbook Magazine and I’d like to introduce you.

In their words:


Now, I can definitely get on board with that! The monthly e-magazine’s tumblr blog is what first caught my attention. It is adorable and well worth a quick trip to browse. When I caught wind of the official launch of their first publication, I hopped right over to take a peak! The ladies at Matchbook did a beautiful job and while its a bit more of a read than I am accustomed to, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to pause. Yay, Matchbook! You rescued me from a sad, lonely day at Hilary Inspired (I dislike it terribly when I am unable to post in my usual daily routine). So when you get a moment in your hectic day of work, errands, and chores, treat yourself to a few minutes with Matchbook. I wouldn’t be surprised if you take the time to visit again!

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Making “The Homies”

Last week my new friend and Hilary Inspired follower, Michelle, left a comment about a contest on Apartment Therapy. I had never heard of it before but apparently the always-awesome home design site hosts a contest each year to elect the year’s newest and best home design blogs through nominations and votes. Some of my favorite sites have been honored to win in the past and now Hilary Inspired has a chance, too! Big thanks to Michelle for the nomination!! Cast your vote HERE by copying and pasting the following into the comments section:

Name: Hilary Inspired

URL: https://hilaryinspired.wordpress.com/

Nominations close January 25th at midnight and the more the better. As always, your support it deeply appreciated and encouraging!…Here’s hoping for the best!

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12 Months Later…

…my secret wish to share a unique “voice” for design and style and join in the fun of design blogging has become a reality. 12 months later…I have accomplished more than I ever expected and discovered opportunities that previously would have never existed (I mentioned a few of these in my New Year’s post HERE). 12 months later…I have developed a community of distant friends and acquaintances that make this big, scary world seem much more friendly and not so big. 12 months later…Hilary Inspired turns 1 year old TODAY!

In anticipation of today’s post, I thought it would only be appropriate to share my personal inspiration board for the next season that sits in my little nook of an office. It is yet another glimpse into my constantly curious, endlessly inspired mind, heart, and soul.

It would be really easy to over talk an occasion such as this. It means a lot to me! Silly as it may sound, this little blog has been a significant and life changing part of this past year for me. (My husband can attest to all the hard work, thought, and love that goes into every post). So, in an attempt to preserve the sweetness of this small holiday, I would like to say one simple thing…thank you for being here!! And here’s to another year of inspiration!

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Fierce on Facebook

What does a person do when work is a long distant thought, house chores are taking a back seat, free time with the hubby is aplenty, and the weather is a perfect mix of brisk and sunny?…Go to the Zoo!! (and eat sushi for dinner, yogurt for dessert and hot chocolate to top it off). This is how David and I ended our holiday hiatus from work and school. It was glorious and along the way I snapped a few shots of the awe inspiring creatures that accompanied our day.

I also captured a few natural scenes between the critters.

Here’s the thing, though…I got so many awesome photos that I can’t fit them all in this post. 😦 So what do I do in these dilemmas (trust me, it’s happened before)? I post an overflow album through Hilary Inspired’s Facebook page! Yes, just like everyone else, Hilary Inspired uses Facebook on those days that aren’t so pretty or well arranged to catch up with friends and spread the latest news. And now (when you LIKE my Facebook page) you can also see behind-the-scenes photos and overflow albums.

Feel free to pass the link along to your buddies, too. HERE. For all of you who have already been keeping up with Hilary Inspired via FacebookThank You So Much!! (Imagine this smiling monkey is saying “thank you” also. We’re both very grateful for all the support). 🙂

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

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