An Old Friend

My recent visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens was pleasant and refreshing. I always love a good afternoon walk in the garden! In addition to the beautiful weather and scenery, I also enjoyed strolling around in my good-for-most-occasions day dress… an old and beloved friend. This charming floral dress is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and is also perhaps the oldest (to me) item in my closet. Despite the changes in my personal style over the years, I still love it as much today as I did in my early teens and it has maintained it’s appearance surprisingly well over the years, as well. Longevity, comfort, and style – Now that’s the sign of an excellent purchase!

And what would a floral day dress be without my trusty red ballet flats to accompany it? Not as comfy or cute, I can tell you that! These are another pair of staples in my closet right now. I would say I wear them 75% of the week. I’m thinking an alternate set would be a good idea to give these babies an occasional rest. They must be so tired!

Cheers to the beginning of another week, friends! I hope you get the chance to step out and enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather.



6 thoughts on “An Old Friend

  1. Your flower arranging pictures (and your mom!) have inspired me to have flowers. I normally like the flowers in the ground more than cut flowers, but I did put some on the table when we hosted trapeza this Sunday! But, please don’t ask me to name them. 🙂 I know there were sunflowers, but that’s it…

    • Wish I could have seen the flowers on Sunday! Had to run off to work. Nona’s job is to make sure flowers look beautiful in the yards and gardens. My job is to cut a few and bring them in to church so that we have the beauty of God’s creation before us as we worship!

  2. Your dress is absolutely beautiful! I love anything floral and anything with lots of color! I’m a BYW student and so glad I found your blog! Can’t wait to read more!

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