Rosy Embers

I’m beginning to believe my fruit selection is guided more heavily by the coloration of the produce than I originally thought. I mean, I’ve always know this was a factor in my decision making, but without a doubt, I selected these glowing red pears purely because of their gorgeous skins.

A pile of yellow-green cousins sat in the next bin over and I gave them hardly any thought. But whose to blame for this slight? Me or the unappealing appearance of the ordinary green pears? I think the answer is clear. The spotted ruby red is so perfect for this time of year! I love the dark undertones of purple and gold that are only noticeable in a certain light.

When housing beauties such as these, I also enjoy displaying them on pretty embroidered tablecloths. The tablecloth is such a simple and beautiful way to change the feeling of a space and combined with a bowl full of tantalizing fruit, a room comes alive.

Did I mention that these pears are sooo delicious?

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7 thoughts on “Rosy Embers

  1. Well, you ended by answering my question which I had for you……did you eat the fruit! They are lovely, although one green one in the mix would look nice as well. Love the pink bowl. Reminds me of a set of pale green bowls that I use with a border of grapes.

  2. I found you. I love pears! But as green is my favorite color, I buy your red’s cousins for the same reason. My green ones go in a black bowl on a grey counter top! I do love the tonal colors of the red and pink, though! And always-red or green or brown-with a wedge of Manchego cheese!

  3. Hi Hilary,
    I saw you left a shout out for me on the BYW forum and that you’re a fellow Texan. Awesome!
    Your site is very lovely. I like the soft colors and your fashion sense is tres chic 🙂 I’ll be interested to see your upcoming posts.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Monica! I am so excited about the BYW class and can’t wait for the next few weeks to unfold. It’s really fun to connect with other bloggers that are relatively close by. Good luck in class!

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