Simple Things

Most days, I make an effort to share posts with you that have been purposefully conceptualized and accompanied by words that were carefully composed. I admit that sometimes I probably spend too much time scrutinizing and editing and, by the end, share posts that are a tad long-winded but it’s all with the intent to share more than just pretty pictures of pretty things with “I love this” commentary (although that’s fun too). Hopefully my work here expresses more than that.

Today, however, I have a short, simple message. For many of us, the reality of a budget presents itself daily. It doesn’t matter what your income, we all make sacrifices to achieve certain goals. Sometimes those sacrifices are as simple as choosing to stay in for dinner or being content with less than cutting edge technology. I’ve been learning to embrace this idea and appreciate the small things that require little or no expense. Like a cup of hot tea (my favorite), an old necklace with a fond memory, or a bunch of un-fancy greenery.

Consumerism is fun… let’s admit it, we all love new things. But remembering to embrace what we already have is just as important. In fact, those can be the sweetest things!

So, I have a challenge for you. Take a moment this weekend to find a simple experience or item that’s been around for a while. Rediscover what it is you love so much about it. Then, while you’re at it, share your experience with the rest of us here. We might share a similar appreciation!

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4 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. There are few things better in my life than lying on the cool grass next to my boys as we watch the wind blow through the trees and clouds “fly” through the sky. Of course it’s an adventure because I never know when Nathaniel will grab a fist of grass and throw it in my face, but hey- keeps my reflexes sharp. 😉

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