Just Greens

Grocery shopping can be difficult and not for the obvious reasons… tempting ice cream selections, long rush-hour lines, the unreasonable desire to eat everything you see while shopping hungry! For me, the most tempting items in the grocery are often the fresh buckets of flowers and greens conveniently placed at both the entrance and exit of the store giving me plenty of time to reconsider my first decision to pass them up. Unfortunately, my recent policy to purchase only essentials from our grocery list doesn’t leave much room for an armful of sunflowers or gladiolas… or does it?

In my attempt to reconcile a floral procurement, I had a brilliant idea (or clever excuse… not sure which). While my grocery budget may not have room for the extra $15 of flowers, it might be able to swing a small $5 increase for a collection of greens. (Notice the persuasive quality of my inner thoughts.) So that’s what I did. No flowers, just greens. They are intended as filler for a larger bouquet but I actually think they’re quite lovely by themselves. And they last forever! I even placed a single branch in a pretty soda bottle beside my computer.

For someone whose mind often wanders to time spent outdoors, these greens are a wonderful reminder of the beauty of nature in the midst of a busy work day.

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8 thoughts on “Just Greens

  1. Very nice. It is the time of year for me that I really have to be creative and hunt all around the perimeters of the yard to find what I need to make an arrangement for church.

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