Old Dress, Old Chair… Old Soul

Since  I first started taking notice of clothing and decor as a young girl, I have been drawn to old things… clothing from a different era, patterns with a sense of heritage, decor telling a piece of history. I thinks it’s kind of odd considering that I am now such a fan of the modern arts… curious how our tastes develop and change over time. Despite my personal evolution, there’s no question that my love for antiques and vintage still burns strong (case and point HERE, HERE, and HERE). On days such as this one, it is unmistakably obvious!

Initially, I bought this old chair for it’s sturdy construction and clean, classic lines. The fabric works fairly well in our living room but it was a secondary interest. It’s old and tattered and could use a facelift. But after living with it for several months, I am slowly appreciating it’s age and history more and more. My plans for re-upholsterey and re-stuffing are most definitely still on the project queue but for the time being I’m enjoying it’s current state, ragged as it may be. (My choice for new fabric will probably be more neutral and a smaller pattern, but I have to admit that this retro fabric is actually very nice. It must have been really lovely in it’s own day!)

The dress is also a vintage piece I picked up HERE (of course). I love the rainbow seersucker and reverse button back. Likewise, it shows a visible history in the form of a falling hem (now repaired) and occasional age spots. This might be a negative for some but I like to think it adds character and interest to the piece. In my girlish practice of dressing up for the day, I can’t help but think about the lady that wore this dress before me. Who was she? Did she feel as elegant and polished as I do while wearing it? Was it a Sunday outfit or everyday house dress? Did she value it’s wonderful large, front pockets as much as I do? Our lifestyles have changed so much over the years. What was common then is special now. Part of my joy in wearing and using old pieces is the sense of refinement that comes with their use and is practically unavoidable. They seem to elevate the ordinary to something more significant.

Am I stuck in the past? I hope not. I greatly value the pursuit of originality. But do I have an old soul? Well, I think that’s obvious… undoubtedly, yes!

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12 thoughts on “Old Dress, Old Chair… Old Soul

  1. Loved this post….could it be because that dress is evocative of my youth? I know my mother had several similar, and I always loved anything seersucker (and dotted swiss). I was going through some things in our attic this weekend and found an orange dotted swiss apron. You would revel in it!

  2. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog tonight! It’s so lovely (and so are you!) I love the dress & chair. The fabrics are great! Though to be honest, one of the first things I noticed was your great bar set up! I just recently bought some vintage decanters and I’m now looking for a great serving tray. Looks like you scored well! Anyways, I’m excited to be a follower of your blog. Bests!

    • Ciara! So glad you found me! (Do you mind if I ask how?) Thank you for your sweet comments. I enjoy hearing from my readers so yours was a joy. The bar set-up is one that I hope to feature before long but it’s not totally complete, as you can see. The tray was a fantastic find!! The glasses are odd pieces collected over time. We have such a quirky shelf there behind the chair and it seemed like the perfect place to have a small “bar”. Keep your eyes open for a more detailed post in the future!

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