Since I’ve started to publish more of my own photographs on this blog, I have noticed a personal tendency… I am very interested in close-ups and detail shots, especially when they reveal something unexpected. Over the weekend, I came across this project via my godmother, Carla (thank you Carla!), that takes detail shots to a whole new level! Professor Gary Grenberg, a biomedical researcher, has scoured the globe for special grains of sand to place under the microscope and photograph. Yes, that’s sand! Isn’t it absolutely fascinating!! To think that those tiny specs are actually each so stunning and unique!

‘Every time I look through my microscope I am fascinated by the complexity and individuality created by a combination of nature and the repeated tumbling of the surf on a beach’, says Prof Greenberg.

All Photos Credit to Professor Gary Greenberg via Daily Mail Online

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Work in Progress… Art Gallery

What does one do when the budget is tight? FINISH those projects you once started and left undone!! I am finally taking things to the next step with my collection of framed photos and artwork that I intended to create a wall collage with far too long ago.

Now that I’ve set my mind to it, I’ll be done in no time. I’ve collected my tools, assembled my materials, and finalized the design… all that’s left is to finish it. Gallery opening coming soon!!

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Summer in the South

Summertime in the South (now the Southwest) evokes very specific emotions and memories, all of which seem to be tied up with relaxing and staying cool. For those of you that live there, you know exactly what I mean! In today’s post, which is less about words and more images, I attempt to capture a few of those quintessential elements of summer… old screens, thick hot air, cold drinks, loose cotton clothing, and sittin’ on the porch. Am I right? (ok, well most people have porch chairs to sit on, but I’m workin’ on that!)

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A Bit of Nashville

Last week, I made an impromptu visit back home to Nashville for the holiday weekend. It was a timely escape during the transition between my old job at Havertys and my new work with Arteriors Home.

Here are a few tidbits from the weekend.

My mother, brother Nick, and I stopped by the new Antique Archeology shop owned by the guys from the History channel’s American Pickers show. Little did we know that everyone else in Nashville had the same idea that day! (oh yeah, did i mention that it was also opening day?) The downside… scorching heat and humidity while standing in a seemingly endless line of people, the upside… I discovered a new and interesting part of town called Marathon Village! (all you Nashvillians, if you don’t already know about it, the history is fascinating!)

The weather was squelchingly hot but charming refreshment stands helped keep many people cool and quenched.  Despite the unpleasant temperature, however, there was plenty of good company and interesting sites to keep us all entertained. Lesson of the day… umbrellas and hand fans are life-savers in the South!

And check out this super cool door embellishment made of old tools and parts from the original Marathon Motors factory… It’s all in the details!Hope your holiday weekend was just as wonderful!

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Color Blast

Maybe it’s the fireworks, maybe it’s my recent focus on neon hues, but this cherry red top is quickly becoming my closet fave. I’ve never been a big fan of the color red, but this shade has just the right amount of orange & yellow to make me crazy about it! Those who know me well (yes, that’s you, dear husband) are very familiar with my attraction to sometimes blindingly loud colors.

However, even I know that all bright, all the time can be overwhelming. So, to avoid color fatigue, a careful balance should be struck. That’s why I like to pair this top with my favorite pair of cuffed jeans or this neutral number from Club Monaco. (They are a great office to casual choice).

Oh, and I painted my nails, too, which I rarely do (not sure why). Can you tell I’m having fun yet? Put some color in your life and grab a bright top, sparkly earrings, and paint those nails! I promise, you won’t be able to help feeling a wee bit cheerier!

Like me! (btw, this is me…looking cheery)

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Our home’s color scheme seems to be my main subject of consideration these days (after all of the hundreds of other things I also have running through my brain, of course…ack, to do list, will you ever leave me!!!). I have finally decided to paint our walls… in the near future… sometime soon… down the road… maybe. Alright, even if I don’t have a specific paint date, I do at least want to have a specific color palette prepared for when that day arrives. In the meantime, my eyes are constantly scanning for color inspiration.

A few days ago, my Garden Table post sparked some interest among commenters in my plans to paint our dining room chairs. Later that day, my husband informed me that he thought bright, neon green would be a cool idea… the more I think about it, the more I am starting to understand his vision. We need a little modern edge in our home! I am running dangerously close to the line of being over crowded with traditional antiques (for my taste, that is). Time for something punchy to balance it out! Neon furniture, maybe I’ll give you a try.

1. Kazumi Yoshida in Elle Decor, Photo: Eric Piasecki 2. Living Etc., Photo: Mel Yates 3. Kristen Buckingham 4. Lee Mindel in Elle Decor, Photo: William Abranowicz

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