My “Cowtown” Perspective… Part 1

In my last post, I shared a fascinating project in which grains of sand, ordinary natural elements that are no more glamorous than dirt, were placed under the microscope to reveal stunning pieces of art at the hand of mother nature. In a totally separate project, I chose to visit Fort Worth’s charming downtown district to photograph some of the city’s historic architecture.

I planned on sharing those photos today with a completely different story accompanying them. As I considered my message, I realized that my original concept was very similar to the idea behind Prof. Greenberg’s project… beauty hidden under a rough, unexpected exterior. Fort Worth is just down the road from Dallas and that is quite a big reputation to stand up next to! During my short time here, I have gathered that many Fort Worth natives pride themselves on their city’s simpler lifestyle and pace. Things are a bit more country, a tad more relaxed, and a lot more Texas here! But on closer examination, there are some tremendous exhibitions of art and culture existing side by side with Fort Worth’s “Cowtown” attitude.

Aside from the world-class museums and internationally acclaimed performance halls (like The Kimbell Museum and Bass Performance Hall), Fort Worth boasts a collection of wonderful Art Deco architecture. Take a look!

(this is Part 1 of 2… too many cool photos for one day!).

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