Since I’ve started to publish more of my own photographs on this blog, I have noticed a personal tendency… I am very interested in close-ups and detail shots, especially when they reveal something unexpected. Over the weekend, I came across this project via my godmother, Carla (thank you Carla!), that takes detail shots to a whole new level! Professor Gary Grenberg, a biomedical researcher, has scoured the globe for special grains of sand to place under the microscope and photograph. Yes, that’s sand! Isn’t it absolutely fascinating!! To think that those tiny specs are actually each so stunning and unique!

‘Every time I look through my microscope I am fascinated by the complexity and individuality created by a combination of nature and the repeated tumbling of the surf on a beach’, says Prof Greenberg.

All Photos Credit to Professor Gary Greenberg via Daily Mail Online

You really must read more:

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