Work in Progress… Art Gallery

What does one do when the budget is tight? FINISH those projects you once started and left undone!! I am finally taking things to the next step with my collection of framed photos and artwork that I intended to create a wall collage with far too long ago.

Now that I’ve set my mind to it, I’ll be done in no time. I’ve collected my tools, assembled my materials, and finalized the design… all that’s left is to finish it. Gallery opening coming soon!!

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8 thoughts on “Work in Progress… Art Gallery

  1. I saw one very special picture in there. It is the one my mother bought for me in Italy. It was special then and it is still special now. I am so glad that you have it and it will have a place on your wall.

    • Yes, that has always been one of my favorites. I remembered that it was yours and was from Italy but didn’t realize it was a gift from Day-Day… knowing that story makes it all the more precious!

  2. I have never known a way to organize a wall collage without the trial and error that leaves a million holes in the wall. I still have pictures to hang at our house and now I know how to use the patterns to do it. I learned something! Thank you!

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