Summer in the South

Summertime in the South (now the Southwest) evokes very specific emotions and memories, all of which seem to be tied up with relaxing and staying cool. For those of you that live there, you know exactly what I mean! In today’s post, which is less about words and more images, I attempt to capture a few of those quintessential elements of summer… old screens, thick hot air, cold drinks, loose cotton clothing, and sittin’ on the porch. Am I right? (ok, well most people have porch chairs to sit on, but I’m workin’ on that!)

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8 thoughts on “Summer in the South

  1. Making memories revive of my life in East Tennessee as a young girl…..

    BTW, Mikaela’s new address: 14221 Hobby Lane, Apt. 17108, FORT WORTH, TX 76155; she says it’s ‘really Euless,’ but it is much closer to you. CONNECT! Lunch, DANCE!

  2. Okay, in one of your pictures your expression looks JUST LIKE David.

    I’m afraid he might be rubbing off on you. 🙂 Oh well. It was bound to happen! lol
    Just kidding, David . . . you know I love you!

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