Casual Friday

For me, Friday everyday is casual… I don’t have much need to get fancied up for work anymore. But that doesn’t keep me from dressing in a way that makes me feel good.

I love stripes (especially bold ones), classic worn-in jeans are hands-down the best, this Art-Deco style necklace is an instant statement piece, my shoes are both incredibly comfortable and attractive, and emerald green is one of my favorite colors!! All ingredients for an outfit that boosts my confidence and makes everyday casual a little more fun!

And yes, our yard is completely dead… welcome to Texas in the late summer!

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Story of a Blogger… Brook+Lyn

I find a lot of inspiration from other bloggers who have chosen to pursue creative endeavors and then share them online. The world is sooo much bigger now that we can all connect through the internet! That is part of why I started blogging myself. One such lady that I have kept up with over the past couple years is Mimi Jung of Brook+Lyn. If you don’t already know about her work, I recommend that you hop over to have a look! Or stick around here, watch this interesting video narrated by Mimi and then visit Mimi’s site! (that sounds better) Hope you enjoy!

Mimi Jung of Brook&Lyn from SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR on Vimeo.

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A Simple Tablescape (yes, that’s a word)

A couple weeks ago, I pulled together a few odds and ends to create a simple table scape on our living room coffee table. Up until that point, our table sat bare and lonely… nothing on it to keep it company. I had grown so accustomed to the empty surface that when I added a few pieces to its top, the difference was surprising! Suddenly our living room felt more complete and official. For someone that has moved six times in the past six years, those sorts of details are important!

I don’t typically choose glass accessories… I like things that are a bit more sturdy and less dainty but I love the way the light reflects through these candlesticks and I enjoyed collecting unique pieces of different shapes to compliment one another. This Asian inspired dish is probably my favorite part of the group. I love the colors and am using it as inspiration for the rest of the room, which is obviously still in progress as you can see from the picture below. (David and I have big plans for that bare spot on the wall!)

I can’t help but mention that today’s post feels perfectly timed after yesterday’s launch of Rue Issue 6. Did anyone see the “Arabian Days” spread? I thought it was a beautiful fantasy!! (especially that cover photo!)

My table scape, with a touch of exotic, lends me a similar feeling of escape and that’s what I love about it! (it should also be noted, for those shopping on a budget like me, that the contents of my table decor cost me in total no more than $20… a keen eye, patience, and clear sense of one’s style are all that’s necessary to shop on a budget).

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A New Look

Last night, I finally went forward with a long contemplated website update. Nothing fancy… just a few font, color palette, and header changes. By now, my loyal readers have seen this blog move in and out of a few different site designs. I hope I’m not confusing you with so many looks! Things are constantly evolving around here and I just feel as though the site’s appearance should grow with those changes as well. Consider it Hilary Inspired’s yearly Spring cleaning (except in late July).

I hope you enjoy the ever-evolving happenings here at Hilary Inspired. I would love to get your feedback on the new look (because new improvements are always around the corner and I want your advice)!

In the meantime, here’s a small token of my appreciation for all the support you give me!

Pretty flowers, of course! Did you expect anything different? (I snapped these at your house, Colleen. You always have the best!)

Have a wonderful day and see you back here, same place… different look, tomorrow!

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Gallery Opening!

Several hours of work and much deliberation later, my paper templates are filed away and my gallery wall of personal photos and artwork is complete!! (or, at least until I decide to make the next batch of changes… things are always evolving around here!)

Take a look at the beginning of this project HERE.

My inspiration started here:

This room, designed by Kristen Buckingham, is full of such beautiful and unique layers. When I first saw it, I was immediately attracted to the bold wall of artwork, the folksy and old-world sofa, the small Art Deco lamp on the right, and the bright green glass lamp on the left offsetting it all. In my opinion, the perfect balance of sophistication, artistry, playfulness, and comfort…. all goals of mine in creating the environment of our home.

Now, this is my version.

The wall above was already painted when we moved into our house and naturally acts as a focal point when guests enter our home. It’s open to our living and dining areas, acts as our library, and is the passageway to our bedroom in the back of the house. A gallery of artwork and personal photos that are significant to David and I seemed like an appropriate use of the space.

Urged on by commenters in THIS post, I decided that a little neon punch would help up the edge factor in our fairly traditional home. So, I included a bright, apple green vase in my design found totally by happenstance at a local thrift store. (those are the best discoveries)

Our main living area has one less bare wall now. I am filled with a great sense of accomplishment every time I walk by it and reminded of the many things I love. It’s far from perfect but that’s part of what I like about it. There’s room to grow and change!

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Birthday’s Are Lovely

My 25th came and went this past week. Wow! (For those that follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me mention it.)A precious gift from my dear husband

All I can say is that it was lovely! Thank you all… thank you for thoughtful gifts, surprise phone calls, warm greetings, fresh flowers, pretty pictures, delicious dinner, and a happy night’s sleep. Here’s to another year!

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My “Cowtown” Perspective… Part 1

In my last post, I shared a fascinating project in which grains of sand, ordinary natural elements that are no more glamorous than dirt, were placed under the microscope to reveal stunning pieces of art at the hand of mother nature. In a totally separate project, I chose to visit Fort Worth’s charming downtown district to photograph some of the city’s historic architecture.

I planned on sharing those photos today with a completely different story accompanying them. As I considered my message, I realized that my original concept was very similar to the idea behind Prof. Greenberg’s project… beauty hidden under a rough, unexpected exterior. Fort Worth is just down the road from Dallas and that is quite a big reputation to stand up next to! During my short time here, I have gathered that many Fort Worth natives pride themselves on their city’s simpler lifestyle and pace. Things are a bit more country, a tad more relaxed, and a lot more Texas here! But on closer examination, there are some tremendous exhibitions of art and culture existing side by side with Fort Worth’s “Cowtown” attitude.

Aside from the world-class museums and internationally acclaimed performance halls (like The Kimbell Museum and Bass Performance Hall), Fort Worth boasts a collection of wonderful Art Deco architecture. Take a look!

(this is Part 1 of 2… too many cool photos for one day!).

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