Garden Table

Do you wait for an excuse to use your nice tableware like I do? If you have any interest in fully enjoying the finer things in life without the added stress of managing the kitchen, preparing drinks, and keeping up good hostess conversation, I recommend that you change your ways immediately! Take out that china…polish that silver…iron your favorite linens. Rather than missing out on the experience due to a myriad of other hostess responsibilities, try dressing your table with the finer pieces that make you happy on an ordinary occasion and notice how wonderful it feels.

I did and felt special the whole day through! Without putting too much labor into the event, I arranged a few vibrant pink peonies in an old silver pitcher, placed a handful of fresh Granny Smith apples on a silver server, and laid out my favorite garden inspired table cloth. All in all, a lovely summer retreat just steps away from my desk.

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15 thoughts on “Garden Table

  1. Yes to the flowers…..I think I could stare at a pretty flower arrangement all day long. That is a part of our world that I find most fascinating and worthy of praise.

  2. I always appreciate beautiful arrangements, but somehow I cannot recreate them. This also is the same way i am with fashion and design in general. I can see when it is right, but I cannot do it myself. ::sigh::: such is my lot in life. I am glad you are around to do this stuff for me. 🙂

    • I can understand your sentiment…I love eating delicious food but I don’t know how to recreate it for myself. Truthfully, all it takes is a little guidance. Glad I can be here to help! (On that note, is there a certain interior/fashion feature that you would like to regularly see on the blog…I’m considering some additions).

  3. I agree with D Walker on the chair issue…..very unique and for now…perfect for Texas. Black would be nice and is a color that is always in style and goes with so much.

  4. I agree with you. Don’t wait for a special occasion, make a special occasion. (PS: Cover the chairs – unless you’re going to hang a bison head on the wall behind the table.)

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