On my Own!

The past year has seen more changes in my life than I could possibly list. But today I am announcing an important and exciting change that trumps them all! As many of you may know, I have been working at Haverty’s for the past 10 months as a furniture sales person. While it has been a tremendous learning experience for me, I have long felt that a new direction was necessary, something that allows me more creative opportunities and challenges. Exit stage left – Havertys…Enter stage right, Social Media Writer! Today I am officially the social media writer for both Mottega (who I have been writing with for the past couple months) and Arteriors Home, Arteriors Contract, and Arteriors Too. The doors of change that lie ahead of me are brimming with opportunity and I can’t wait to get started! Along with my work at Mottega and Arteriors, I will now have more time to devote to my personal blog as well as independent interior design endeavors. (So spread the word!)

Awesome graphic design by my super talented brother, Andrew Turner. (Thanks, buddy!)

I feel like such a grown-up business woman with a grown-up business card to boot! (insert “Social Media Services”)

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19 thoughts on “On my Own!

  1. I’ve been reading your BLOG since its creation and have always enjoyed its professional quality. Your new employers will benefit greatly from your communication skills. Enjoy this new opportunity! We’re proud of your hard work.

  2. So proud of you and for you, Hilary. You are a wonderful and valuable asset to anyone and anything you align yourself with. Will always support you in any and all ways possible. May God make your path straight in your new endeavor. Like the business card, too!

  3. Congratulations, Hilary! I’m glad you’ve moved on to a “big-girl” job in something you are passionate about! Whenever I buy a house, I will be requiring your services. Probably won’t be the first client, but I’m okay with that. 🙂

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  5. Hilary – wanted to write a creative comment. However, Kibble took the words right out of my mouth! Ditto what she said–and it was a delight seeing you Friday night as always.

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