New Month… Fresh Slate

Since my days of school, which revolved around a semester based schedule, I have adjusted to a slightly different arrangement of time… the monthly schedule. Now, most all of my deadlines and short-term goals hinge on the beginning and end of the month. Needless to say, my wall calendar has become quite important. It stands as a regular reminder of what is finished and what is left and never ceases to amaze me in the process.

And here we are at the beginning of June already! Incredible!! Time flies so quickly. That can be such a harsh reality… I prefer to soften the blow with romantic illustrations to decorate the passing time.

Here’s to June and all it’s lovely yet still unknown opportunities!!

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4 thoughts on “New Month… Fresh Slate

    • Tonia, I re-covered that old lamp shade with a collage of my favorite vintage Italian liquor posters that I grabbed from another calendar. Calendars make for such an easy and inexpensive way to put art in your home! (And the frame was a thrift find… of course!)

  1. Oh my goodness, the calendar and lampshade are so gorgeous. I love vintage artwork like that, especially fashion illustrations and advertisements. If you haven’t already, you should check out 100 Years of Fashion Illustration. I think you would really enjoy it!

    I am actually in the middle of a similar calendar quandary–I have a weekly organizer I love but have abandoned it since school is out for the summer (I go to UNT and live in N Fort Worth). Without the day-to-day tasks I just type up what I need to do in iCal instead. Much less cute but pretty functional since my appointments are few and far between!

    • Hey Alyssa,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! It’s very cool to learn about local readers. My husband is a student also, studying music performance at TCU. What is your study?

      And thanks for the Amazon link as well. I love vintage fashion illustration!! You should look into a gentleman named Erte if you haven’t already. The illustrations on my calendar are by him.

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