“Raw Color”

I’ve been thinking a lot about color recently. (notice the swatches on my desk in THIS post) I finally committed myself to carefully planning the colors, concept, and design of our home rather than the usual spur of the moment, undeveloped decisions that I usually make. Of course, this is going to take some serious time and consideration, but I am 100% up to the challenge! While taking my daily jaunt around the internet yesterday, I happened upon THESE artists’ project that seemed to fit my current state of mind perfectly! Here’s a brief description of their exhibit:

“A visual research about vegetables and their powerful color. Vegetables are dismantled and purified to their visual essence ‘RAW COLOR‘. The harvested color is captured by a new process preserving their intensity on color cards. Categorized by shades and families, a new map is created which shows their beautiful diversity. This project reinterprets the vegetable and puts it into new context.”

All photos property of Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach of Raw Color, Layout: Hilary Walker

Fascinating project! Especially when one spends most of their free time considering the minute and subtle nuances and intricacies of color in its endless varieties.

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Garden Table

Do you wait for an excuse to use your nice tableware like I do? If you have any interest in fully enjoying the finer things in life without the added stress of managing the kitchen, preparing drinks, and keeping up good hostess conversation, I recommend that you change your ways immediately! Take out that china…polish that silver…iron your favorite linens. Rather than missing out on the experience due to a myriad of other hostess responsibilities, try dressing your table with the finer pieces that make you happy on an ordinary occasion and notice how wonderful it feels.

I did and felt special the whole day through! Without putting too much labor into the event, I arranged a few vibrant pink peonies in an old silver pitcher, placed a handful of fresh Granny Smith apples on a silver server, and laid out my favorite garden inspired table cloth. All in all, a lovely summer retreat just steps away from my desk.

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On my Own!

The past year has seen more changes in my life than I could possibly list. But today I am announcing an important and exciting change that trumps them all! As many of you may know, I have been working at Haverty’s for the past 10 months as a furniture sales person. While it has been a tremendous learning experience for me, I have long felt that a new direction was necessary, something that allows me more creative opportunities and challenges. Exit stage left – Havertys…Enter stage right, Social Media Writer! Today I am officially the social media writer for both Mottega (who I have been writing with for the past couple months) and Arteriors Home, Arteriors Contract, and Arteriors Too. The doors of change that lie ahead of me are brimming with opportunity and I can’t wait to get started! Along with my work at Mottega and Arteriors, I will now have more time to devote to my personal blog as well as independent interior design endeavors. (So spread the word!)

Awesome graphic design by my super talented brother, Andrew Turner. (Thanks, buddy!)

I feel like such a grown-up business woman with a grown-up business card to boot! (insert “Social Media Services”)

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1. Peacock Creamware Vase 2. Organic Beach Bath Towel 3. Gold Brown Paper Vessel 4. Cobalt Blue Glasses 5. Brass Hollywood Regency Lamp 6. Original Gouache Painting – 1 7. Original Gouache Painting – 2 8. Green & Blue Marbled Earrings 9. Wooden Letter “H” 10. Jeanne D’Arc Embroidered Dress 11. Two-Sided Pedestal Vanity 12. Needlepoint Pillow 13. Retro Yellow Urn 14. Graphic Orange Steelcase Chair 15. Blue Floral Heels 16. Cadeaux Beaded Necklace

#1 Favorite thing about Etsy: their spirit of community and entrepreneurship. #2 Favorite thing about Etsy: their beautiful collages of hand-picked items on the opening page (visit the site to see what I mean). Every day offers a new and inspiring compilation of talented artists, craftsmen, and vintage curators arranged to fit the month, week, day, and even hour. These style stories are “An ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery” and created by theme, color, season, and craft. So, today I am sharing my own style story/shopping gallery… my current favorites that found their way into my {heart} list. Enjoy! (I tried to think of a title but couldn’t…any suggestions?)

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Orchid + Art

For some unsolvable reason, I have always secretly admired the pursuit of the minimalist…the aesthete who chooses to pare his or her surroundings and expressions down to exactly the essentials, nothing more nothing less. It strikes me as incredibly noble. Despite my greatest attempts at this lifestyle (although apparently not great enough to be noticeable) I can’t avoid my natural tendencies towards layers and layers of color, texture, and detail (and, if you haven’t already noticed, superlative descriptors). Before you mistake my meaning, though, I should clarify that my appreciation of careful editing is certainly no less focused. I am a tireless clutter purger. But perhaps I am just now beginning to reconcile the dichotomy within myself. I want more than the minimal but less than the excessive…make sense?

This vibrant pink orchid is the perfect example. It is strong enough to sing boldly on its own without the help of any supporting characters but placed in front of this equally vivacious collage of artwork, the two harmonize magnificently. In fact, I might even say that one would not have been as good without the other. (my opinion…just saying).

Bright colors, bold shapes, exotic appeal…many times more is merrier, bigger is better, and too much of a good thing is just fine…as long as you don’t neglect to proofread. (thanks Mom)

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It’s Never Too Late

Fashion blues got you down? Let’s face it, sometimes jeans and a cotton shirt are the best a busy girl can muster up! Despite my over-scheduled life, though, I like to step things up a half notch with one fun accessory.

Like a cheerful flower…

(remember this piece?)

Or a vintage scarf…

Maybe even statement earrings will do the job…

Even better, if you left yourself more than negative 5 minutes leeway (like me), try them all together!

So, as you rush out the door to your super important, absolutely urgent appointment don’t forget…it’s never too late to have fun with what you wear! (or publish a blog post at the end of the week…finally I’m back and so glad to be, too!)

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So, apparently I like stripes. I could have probably told you that but it wasn’t until I started cleaning through my closet that I noticed the strong pattern appearance for myself.

Can you blame me, though? Graphic, playful, classic, preppy, masculine and feminine… It is a fantastic pattern to love! (Have you noticed a favorite pattern in your wardrobe recently?)

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New Month… Fresh Slate

Since my days of school, which revolved around a semester based schedule, I have adjusted to a slightly different arrangement of time… the monthly schedule. Now, most all of my deadlines and short-term goals hinge on the beginning and end of the month. Needless to say, my wall calendar has become quite important. It stands as a regular reminder of what is finished and what is left and never ceases to amaze me in the process.

And here we are at the beginning of June already! Incredible!! Time flies so quickly. That can be such a harsh reality… I prefer to soften the blow with romantic illustrations to decorate the passing time.

Here’s to June and all it’s lovely yet still unknown opportunities!!

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