Part of my “job”  here on this blog is to scour the internet globe for resources and ideas (ok, well I do it mostly for fun), things that immediately grab my attention and hold onto it long enough to remember for the next time. That is the trick… next time. Those internet destinations that do manage to attract my return visit day after day are exceptional and I’ve been careful to not lose track of them. To help myself and hopefully you, I’ve recently updated my list of “Favorites” on the blog… a carefully edited list of those places that are top on my list! One such new addition, the site that makes me feel like a true Renaissance woman every time I visit, is 1st Dibs’ Introspective “Magazine”!!! Be informed, be educated, be inspired. You absolutely must read it!!

It offers everything from museum exhibit reviews, designer spotlights, industry updates, fashion profiles and reading recommendations. Enough to make any designer (or design enthusiast) a wee bit smarter and whole lot more well-rounded. 

For instance, I read a fascinating article on Andrew Bolton’s curation of the Met Museum exhibit of Alexander McQueen’s work, Savage Beauty, and another article on the progress of Dara Caponigro from Domino to her recent position as Editor-in-Cheif with Veranda… all wonderful information, right? So, what are you waiting for… take a look yourself! (here)

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