Out of the Box

For the past four and a half years I have lugged my collection of china and crystal in silver Dillard’s boxes from one rental home to another. And at every stop they have remained hidden in those boxes, stowed away in some storage closet, and only wishing for the chance to showoff. Well, their day has come…finally! Our current abode had a charming china hutch built into the corner of our kitchen. It is the perfect place for decorative display and convenient storage.

Along the way, I’ve also enjoyed embellishing it with small trinkets and accessories that make our home personal. Like these charming “feet” candlestick holders that David and I received as a gift at our wedding…that are so odd but I absolutely love them!

And this small set of brightly painted china…I picked it up at a local thrift store and felt it would complement the colors of my own collection beautifully. The base is printed with the inscription “Superior English Bell China, Shore & Coggins Longston, 1833”. It may be of no significance…but I like to think that it is. 😉

Then, while my family was in town, my mom arranged these lovely calla lilies. They fit perfectly, peaking from the hutch shelf…besides, I thought they were nicely unexpected in the hutch rather than on the table.

Now, my time spent in the kitchen washing dishes and packing lunches is a bit more sophisticated and a lot more beautiful!

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