Tis’ the Season

…the season for weddings, for sure! This Spring David and I are honored to be in two weddings for family members near and dear…my brother’s wedding today (yippee!) and David’s cousin’s in two weeks. We couldn’t be happier for the whole bunch! So, in the spirit of this season’s nuptials, I wanted to post this behind-the-scenes video I found on Oscar PR Girl‘s website and taken from the making and presentation of Oscar de la Renta‘s 2012 Bridal Collection. I think it is fascinating to see the exquisite craftsmanship that is put into each dress and the discerning role of the designer in the presentation of the collection…every detail is noticed and considered.

Although I have a passion for well crafted design, and especially when it comes to apparel, I don’t have many pieces of designer clothing. In fact, most of my clothing is from obscure sources since I rely so heavily on second-hand finds. However, it makes me very happy to say that I do own three pieces of Oscar de la Renta clothing…and every time I wear them, I feel proud and blessed to have the privilege to don such beautiful pieces!

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