An Old Love

My recent return to sketching has re-kindled an old love for floral patterns. (Like I ever really lost interest in them in the first place). After a few short days, my notebook is now overflowing with wispy sketches of tea roses, zinnias, and bachelor’s buttons. Beyond my sketchbook, floral patterns have been graciously blooming on luxurious french linens from D. Porthault for years.

Patterns (top to bottom): New York Mille Fleurs, Mahe, Bouquet Eclate Coral, Lilas Blue, Iris, Pois de Senteur Pink

I can’t help but pine for the cheerful charisma D. Porthault‘s textiles must bring to every room they inhabit…like Rita Konig’s New York apartment that I happened upon while flipping through my archive of Domino Magazine issues. I found another photo of her bedroom via Rita’s previous blog in the New York Times (she now writes for the Wall Street Journal) that features one of my favorite D. Porhault patterns…Couers Pink!

For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, did you see the article I posted about “un-decorating“? This is exactly what I was imagining…it is so completely refreshing, don’t you think?

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