Ground Work

Our un-packing progress is slow and tedious so to help me keep my spirits lifted amidst it all, I made a personal goal…to complete at least one area of the house as motivation to continue through the rest. I decided the living room was as good a place to start as any. It makes an encouraging first impression when I walk in the front door at the end of a long day. You saw the beginnings of that project in Monday’s post. A few days later, I laid down our rug. Somehow, that made all the difference in the world…suddenly our arrangement seemed less temporary.

And shortly after that, I began laying the “ground work” for the rest of our home by studying up on archives of design inspiration. (Domino, oh, how I miss you!) There is a reason I hold on to so many books and magazines…I am constantly finding new bits of inspiration to pull from my ever growing collection (and the old editions never cease to offer reliable resources for idea gathering).

My ensemble felt a bit studious, as well. Classic plaid, school-girl skirt length, and collared button-up. Yes, it was all too appropriate!

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No Time to Waste

Yes…I have finally returned from my relocation vacation (well, “vacation” may not be exactly the right word). Although I missed sharing my daily snippet of style and design inspiration, I have to be honest…the time away gave me a wonderful opportunity to consider and reflect on my work here…past, present, and future. If I took the time to go through all my ponderings, you would absolutely be utterly bored, so I will skip a few steps ahead to say that I now have a renewed vision for my work here at Hilary Inspired! You may notice a few alterations over the next several weeks (and some cosmetic improvements as well…that to come a little further down the road). No need to worry, though. I’ll still be sharing those lovely and exciting things that catch and hold my eye and inspire me along the way. In the spirit of today’s title, which expresses the sentiments I have felt for the past few weeks, I want to start with a glimpse into our new home via my favorite type of post…the DIY! No Time to Waste!

This mini-project began when I happened upon a couple of diamonds in the rough at my favorite local thrift store, Berry Good Buys:

I had been eyeing these lamps for a couple of weeks and, to my surprise, no one snatched them up. So when I returned a few days ago, I grabbed them for myself (along with another beauty that I am so excited about!).

My goal was to use the vintage shape of the second-hand lamps and update them with a couple crisp, modern shades. One trip to Target later…mission accomplished!

I found exactly what I was looking for…clean, modern shape, graphic pattern, and two shades of the same size (but a different color) to boot! Here’s how it all came together:

Ahh, the joys of a small victory!

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On the Move…Again

Hello dear readers!

I have missed you all the past few days and longed for the inspirational escape that my daily blogging affords. If you haven’t already heard, my husband and I have been doing a little relocating recently, which has caused me to take a short pause in my posting. No worries, though…I am anxious to get back into the swing of things. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter in the mean time. There will be lots of exciting adventures to come in the near future!

Tissus & Tartares

Being immersed in this world of online design blogging can sometimes be a bit overwhelming (yes, I said it). There is always so much to keep up with! At the same time, part of what makes it so remarkably rewarding (and addicting, quite honestly) are the wonderful discoveries that are made along the way. One such recent discovery was that of Tissus & Tartares, a new fine textile company conceived of and designed by Olya Thompson and Nathalie Farman-Farma. Fellow Russo-philes the pair say “the collection was originally inspired by their common appreciation of color and pattern in Tartar robes, but grew to include many other influences such as Old St Petersburg interiors and Ballets Russes costumes.”

Pattern Credit: Tissus & Tartares, Photo Credit: Paul Costello via WSJ Magazine

Their goal was to create a collection “which would reflect the rich and sophisticated interplay between East and West as it is found in Russian, Persian and Central Asian designs.” Since then, the line has evolved into a richly romantic and vibrant collection built on boldly hued patterns not often found in current textile lines. Truly unique, truly beautiful! I’ve found another favorite.

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Botanic Study

In my recent browsing I came across another lovely Etsy shop, Pretty Little World Vintage, that reminds me of Ms. Herrera’s Spring 2011 line…full of vintage elegance and classic beauty. I love the way Nikita styles her cheerful selection of botanic prints and vintage decor into charming vignettes. I would arrange her entire collection on my wall in a grid format just like this….

All Photos and Styling: Nikita Jade of Pretty Little World Vintage

Take a moment to visit her shop…maybe you will find something to brighten your home for the new season.

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You Know What This Means…

…Spring is almost upon us!!! Fresh, green buds are popping up on all the trees in our neighborhood. Before long these pollen filled pods will burst open with silky, lush leaves and Spring will be here!

Besides the budding trees, a few delicate blooms have made appearances as well.

Photo Credits: Hilary Walker

The weather is also intoxicatingly beautiful here. Warm breeze, bright sun shine, clear skies…my poor little body has been terribly deprived of vitamin D over the past few winter months but today is making up for it all. Spring, you have my permission to arrive!

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Thrifting Thursday’s: Episode 9

Last episode of “Thrifting Thursday’s: From THIS to THAT“, I highlighted the transformative power of a shiny coat of black paint. This week, I am featuring the work of a tremendously talented DIY-er and new found design blog acquaintance, Holly from Life in the Fun Lane who has a distinctively stylish eye for white paint. In her time at home with her darling daughter Olivia, Holly founded and now operates a furniture recovery company, White Berry Reinvented. Aside from her extensive archive of DIY projects, Holly also offers many of her refurbished pieces For Sale, and I know you won’t want to miss that! Today’s collage is a collection of recent thrift store finds set against a few of Holly’s lovely recreations.

Photo Credit: Snapshots – Hilary Walker, All other photos – Holly Baker of White Berry Reinvented

Diamonds in the rough are not always so hard to find…all you need is a keen eye and a determined dose of elbow grease! Am I right Holly?

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Person to Place: Episode 7

It’s no secret that I am anxious for the arrival of Spring. Every season is the same…I can hardly wait to see nature’s scenery change into a new and exciting beauty! Whether it’s from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall, I never fail to fall in love. This Spring, I am especially interested in florals (I know, totally obvious and unoriginal…but what can I say, I love them!). Last season, Carolina Herrera presented a lovely Spring 2011 collection inspired by botanic prints and asian motifs….two of my personal favorite themes. Now, let’s envision that at home…

Photo Credit: Interior – S. R. Gambel, Fashion – Carolina Herrera, Photo via & Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW

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