Jazz It Up!

By now, you are all probably aware of the fact that David and I enjoy supporting the local arts scene and expanding our experiences with music, dance, art and the like. Since our transition from Tennessee to Texas, we have been thrilled to discover a diverse and vibrant arts community in Fort Worth (how lucky is that!?). Several Sunday’s ago we learned of an absolute gem for those who appreciate excellent Jazz music. Imagine this…downtown nightlife, quiet alley, neon flashing sign, speak-easy style entry, chill atmosphere, classic cocktails, live jazz show…every night…no cover!

Meet the Scat Jazz Lounge, which has now become our regular Sunday evening outing. (If you live close by, I highly recommend going!) During our last visit, I tried my hardest to capture the essence of the Scat’s cool yet spirited (oh, I just love a good pun) vibe. All my snapshots managed to reveal, however, was a moderately crowded room of laid back Texans in low light, sipping their beverages of choice and observing a group of four guys jamming on stage…not at all the scene I was experiencing in the moment! Sadly the lighting was also too dim and many of my images turned out blurry and over-saturated. So frustrating! But after reviewing my photographs at home, I had a stunning realization…the “bad” shots that I so quickly tossed out of consideration actually portrayed the spirit of that night best of all!

Despite the flawed exposure, it was as if the strains of their music had impressed themselves directly into the flashy, color streaked images that I desperately attempted to avoid.

Silly girl…I should know that the best is often hidden in imperfection! What do you think? Can you feel the excitement of the music and the intrigue of the place?

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