Perfect Mix

I love Etsy! It is a treasure trove of beautiful and unique works from artists and craftsmen around the world…all simply clicks away from my digital portal (aka the laptop). I can’t visit very often, otherwise, several hours later, I will find myself in the same spot still digging my way through more and more discoveries…its a terrible burden to have. On the few occasions that I do allow myself to browse, I always find something special. Last week I happened upon the work of German born artist and designer, Peggy Wolf.

Peggy has the advantage of experience in fashion, interior design, as well as illustration. Her work is multi-faceted and beautifully demonstrates her diverse background. Along with her strikingly colorful and feminine illustrations, Peggy also works a great deal with mixed digital media, adding yet another dimension to her artistic vision.

The wonderful thing about all this is that you don’t have to go far to experience Peggy’s vibrant, colorful world. Her shop has many more beauties and at surprisingly tempting prices. (Any gents out there…this could be a wonderful Valentine’s gift idea.) I hope you will take a moment to visit Peggy in her shop…thoughtful artists deserve appreciative audiences. Best of luck with all your work, Peggy!

On a side note, today is a special day for a special lady in my life and I’d like to take a moment to celebrate her…Happy Birthday Day-Day! I love you very much! (And I thought you might enjoy this last illustration the most.)

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Winter Greens

I don’t know about you, but I am currently in great need of sunshine and greenery. These rainy, cloudy winter months have been killing me recently! I think some cheerful indoor greens would cure my winter blues.

Photo Credits: Image 1 – Apartment Therapy, Image 2 – Elle Decor, Image 3 – Gelda (unknown), Image 4 – Lonny Magazine, Image 5 – The Marion House Book

I know that I am probably way ahead of schedule, but how long do you think we’ll have to wait before the sun emerges again?

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Matchbook to the Rescue!

Last night, while browsing Facebook and reaching a total loss for what to share with you today, I stumbled on some exiting news. (Thank goodness! My well of inspiration was drying up…strangely). For the past month I have heard rumors of a new online publication with a focus on a more complete lifestyle perspective. Their name is Matchbook Magazine and I’d like to introduce you.

In their words:


Now, I can definitely get on board with that! The monthly e-magazine’s tumblr blog is what first caught my attention. It is adorable and well worth a quick trip to browse. When I caught wind of the official launch of their first publication, I hopped right over to take a peak! The ladies at Matchbook did a beautiful job and while its a bit more of a read than I am accustomed to, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to pause. Yay, Matchbook! You rescued me from a sad, lonely day at Hilary Inspired (I dislike it terribly when I am unable to post in my usual daily routine). So when you get a moment in your hectic day of work, errands, and chores, treat yourself to a few minutes with Matchbook. I wouldn’t be surprised if you take the time to visit again!

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Mulberry Spice and Everything Nice

This cold spell of weather has summoned a constant yearning for spicy, hot beverages. And this color palette, inspired by The Sartorialist, is exactly what I imagine such a lovely drink to look like! Deep, thoughtful, spicy, and pulled from the fruits of nature.

Photo Credit: Image 1 – The Sartorialist, 2 – Debi Treloar, 3 – Apartment Therapy

What is your favorite drink when the icy weather and chilly bones set in?

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Jazz It Up!

By now, you are all probably aware of the fact that David and I enjoy supporting the local arts scene and expanding our experiences with music, dance, art and the like. Since our transition from Tennessee to Texas, we have been thrilled to discover a diverse and vibrant arts community in Fort Worth (how lucky is that!?). Several Sunday’s ago we learned of an absolute gem for those who appreciate excellent Jazz music. Imagine this…downtown nightlife, quiet alley, neon flashing sign, speak-easy style entry, chill atmosphere, classic cocktails, live jazz show…every night…no cover!

Meet the Scat Jazz Lounge, which has now become our regular Sunday evening outing. (If you live close by, I highly recommend going!) During our last visit, I tried my hardest to capture the essence of the Scat’s cool yet spirited (oh, I just love a good pun) vibe. All my snapshots managed to reveal, however, was a moderately crowded room of laid back Texans in low light, sipping their beverages of choice and observing a group of four guys jamming on stage…not at all the scene I was experiencing in the moment! Sadly the lighting was also too dim and many of my images turned out blurry and over-saturated. So frustrating! But after reviewing my photographs at home, I had a stunning realization…the “bad” shots that I so quickly tossed out of consideration actually portrayed the spirit of that night best of all!

Despite the flawed exposure, it was as if the strains of their music had impressed themselves directly into the flashy, color streaked images that I desperately attempted to avoid.

Silly girl…I should know that the best is often hidden in imperfection! What do you think? Can you feel the excitement of the music and the intrigue of the place?

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Making “The Homies”

Last week my new friend and Hilary Inspired follower, Michelle, left a comment about a contest on Apartment Therapy. I had never heard of it before but apparently the always-awesome home design site hosts a contest each year to elect the year’s newest and best home design blogs through nominations and votes. Some of my favorite sites have been honored to win in the past and now Hilary Inspired has a chance, too! Big thanks to Michelle for the nomination!! Cast your vote HERE by copying and pasting the following into the comments section:

Name: Hilary Inspired


Nominations close January 25th at midnight and the more the better. As always, your support it deeply appreciated and encouraging!…Here’s hoping for the best!

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Winter Furs

It’s a fact. Winter is here and showing her strength. This morning a little Nashville bird sent me a picture of the winter white coat that has once again fallen in Tennessee. While Texas remains high and dry of any frozen precipitation, it is still bitter cold! Brrrr.

While it won’t make you a lick warmer outside against the chilly winds, how about trying your winter furs and frills on your bed? Funny idea…but I kinda like it!

Photo Credit: Image 1 – Laura Day Living, Image 2 – Atlantis Home, Image 3 – Lonny Mag

Happy Friday, friends! Keep warm and find some time to cozy up in bed this weekend…cause baby, it’s cold outside!

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12 Months Later…

…my secret wish to share a unique “voice” for design and style and join in the fun of design blogging has become a reality. 12 months later…I have accomplished more than I ever expected and discovered opportunities that previously would have never existed (I mentioned a few of these in my New Year’s post HERE). 12 months later…I have developed a community of distant friends and acquaintances that make this big, scary world seem much more friendly and not so big. 12 months later…Hilary Inspired turns 1 year old TODAY!

In anticipation of today’s post, I thought it would only be appropriate to share my personal inspiration board for the next season that sits in my little nook of an office. It is yet another glimpse into my constantly curious, endlessly inspired mind, heart, and soul.

It would be really easy to over talk an occasion such as this. It means a lot to me! Silly as it may sound, this little blog has been a significant and life changing part of this past year for me. (My husband can attest to all the hard work, thought, and love that goes into every post). So, in an attempt to preserve the sweetness of this small holiday, I would like to say one simple thing…thank you for being here!! And here’s to another year of inspiration!

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