Keep It Up!

A few days ago Erin of Design for Mankind posted a New Years “Un-Goal” list and it seems to have become the latest blogging trend (HERE and HERE)…and for good reason! As the New Year approaches, assessing what worked (and didn’t work) during the previous 12 months is as important (in my opinion) as planning your course for the future. The idea behind the Un-Goal List is to acknowledge the things that you are proud to have accomplished or maintained over the past year with the plan to “Keep It Up” in the next year. Haven’t we always learned that positive reinforcement is one way to secure good habits? Well, after an evening of serious contemplation and reflection (actually, I jotted down a few notes and sketched stars around my bullet points), I came up with a few things that I believe successfully got me to the happy place that I am now…and I would like to remember them in my sure to be adventurous 2011.

Image Credit: Maxfield Parrish, “Stars” 1926 via Picasa Web

My 2011 Un-Goals…Also Known as The Keep-It-Up List:

1)  Hard work means sacrifices, but enough of it can take you to new and exciting places. (College graduationrelocation to another state). KEEP IT UP!

2)  It is almost impossible to predict what is around the corner. If you keep your eyes open and mind and heart receptive to unexpected opportunities, you might find yourself in a situation that far exceeds your expectations. It happened once, it can happen again! (Well, maybe more than once.) KEEP IT UP!

3)  One day at a time. KEEP IT UP!

4)  Living on a tight budget is tough. Scratching the shopping itch for clothing is even tougher to avoid. You managed to keep yourself in check (within reason, of course) and made the most of your situation by exploring the treasure hunt called thrifting. KEEP IT UP!

5)  Meeting new people in unfamiliar places (such as Texas) can be a tad nerve-racking, but there’s so much to be learned from others. Why miss a chance! KEEP IT UP!

Ahhh! I feel encouraged and confident about the coming year. Try this for yourself. It certainly makes the thought of a New Year’s resolution less daunting. And you might be pleasantly surprised at your own success!

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Dash of Optimism

2011 is hanging right around the corner and I can hardly believe it! I always get this way towards the end of the year…I gawk at the fact that another year has come and gone and wonder what could possibly be in store next. Although I am an avid to-do lister, I like to keep my New Year’s resolutions simple and sweet, genuine and attainable with room for development and improvisation…much like this home I recently stumbled upon from Elle Decor.

Its vibrant, sweet, fresh, simple, with plenty of room for growth, not to mention a cheerful dash of optimistic yellow.

I’ll try not to over due it with lofty goals and page long lists BUT I will say that I have lots of exciting ideas for Hilary Inspired in the coming year. Stay tuned for complete (or at least partial) disclosure regarding 2011!

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Winter Berry

Here are a few more snap shots from our trip home to Tennessee for Christmas. The scenery not far from David’s grandparents country home was stunning. A moment outside created the opportunity for admiration and a quick winter photo shoot.

Feelin’ a bit like a bright winter berry amidst the dreary snow!

Photo Credit: David Walker

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To Sum Up

Looking back on this past year, gratitude is the first thing that comes to mind when I consider summing up all that has taken place for David and myself. After a tedious final semester, college graduation, graduate school acceptance and generous financial assistance, an overwhelming move from TN to TX, another difficult semester, a new job, awesome opportunities, help from our families, and finally Christmas at home, I can’t think of another word to describe how I feel!

Many times the greatest gifts go unnoticed in the midst of holiday hustle and bustle. So now that the wrapping paper has settled, take a moment to consider what you are grateful for. As we peak around the corner of the new year, this is the perfect time to give thanks for all we’ve been given in the past year!

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A Tennessee Christmas

The past several days have been a much needed break from a hectic Fall season. Family, friends, familiar places and delicious cuisine filled each of our days and all mixed together with a pinch of Tennessee snow! This has been our Christmas at home.

Photos by Hilary Walker

P.S. The detail shots above are from my parents living room, which was part of a larger redecorating/reorganizing project for their home (which is also my childhood home). Sometime in the future I will share more of the finished project with you.

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The Icing On Top

THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS are evidence enough that I am an avid fan of millinery art. But not just as art…as a piece of everyday attire, or at least worthy of a special occasion. So, this season I fully intend to pull a few of my most prized pieces out of their dusty boxes and wear them (shock of all shocks)! These ladies below, from millinery designer Satya Twena, have encouraged me in my endeavor.

And you know what is so cool about Satya?…she is a degreed interior designer also!! Somehow, through an artistic eye, a curiosity to learn, and a desire to design, Satya found her way into another discipline that seems to be serving her quite well. A kindred spirit!!

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Wrapping Gem

What’s more fun than receiving gifts during the holiday season? (Even though that is so much fun!) Preparing and giving gifts to those near and dear. While browsing through one of my favorite design blogs yesterday, Design Sponge, I discovered a charming way to embellish your gift wrapping while also adding on a special something to the gift itself.

Turns out vintage brooches are a beautiful substitute for the typical throw away gift wrapping bow. And who wouldn’t love to save that individually selected jewelry piece for future special occasions?! I can’t wait to start wrapping Christmas presents!

All Photo Credits: Design Sponge

For more ideas visit HERE.

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