Emerald City

Person to Place: Episode 4

Emerald green has long been a favorite of mine, which is why I was thrilled to see so many stylish people embracing the color in their cool weather wardrobes from last winter.

This hue is slowly beginning to peek into the realm of interiors, as well. I sure hope it shows up more frequently in the future! It can be such a lush and vibrant color!

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Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays of the year! Besides the over consumption of deliciously fattening foods, Thanksgiving has remained a relatively simple holiday, free from many of the materialistic/consumer driven distractions surrounding Christmas (no offense Christmas). For the most part, Thanksgiving is a day to pause our busy lives and embrace the presence of family and loved ones over a carefully prepared meal well worth giving thanks for. Work is put aside, troubles are temporarily forgotten, and life’s blessings are recognized and appreciated…come to think of it, shouldn’t this be something we take a moment out of every day to do?

Here is a snippet of my Thanksgiving with David and his parents, Tom and Kibble. It was beautiful day, a scrumptious meal, and much needed time of rest and fellowship. Thank you both for making the trip West to join us!

So, in the spirit of gratefulness, I want to tell you all how much I appreciate your support and encouragement of this blog and my work. I wouldn’t be doing this without you….many thanks!

* I used my fine china from our wedding for the very first time this Thanksgiving (yeah, I know…its been 4 years! Better late than never, though.)…that was so special and a luxury I feel incredibly blessed to have.

**Also, I will be posting extra photos of our Thanksgiving on Hilary Inspired’s Facebook page… “like” the page to check out the album.

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Appetite for Inspiration

Photo Credit: House of Brinson

By now, most of you are probably well ahead on your Thanksgiving planning and preparation…so I trust that today’s post will be merely inspiration to fuel your existing plans. Since I am also in the middle of my own holiday preparations, I will keep things short and sweet. You absolutely must visit House of Brinson (remember their home HERE?)

Photo Credit: House of Brinson

After discovering the Brinson’s several months ago, I have kept up with their beautiful culinary posts ever since. Both Susan and William have been documenting their Thanksgiving preparations with delicious recipes and table setting inventory. Take a moment to inspire yourself…they have some beautiful ideas for Thanksgiving table setting! HERE (check out their recent archive of posts for more beauties).

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Opportunity is Knocking!

Every once in a while (sometimes less often than one would hope) an unexpected opportunity comes along that you feel sure is a step in a new and promising direction. Well, last week I alluded to some exciting news, but I couldn’t release any information until this evening. Now, the time is right and the setting is complete…but to make things a little more exciting, I’m not even going to let you in on the secret here! Follow THIS link to find out all the thrilling details. (Hint: turn to page 110-111).

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White Elephant…Part 2

I told you there would be more! By now you’ve probably picked up on the fact that White Elephant is a treasure trove of gorgeous antiques. Here is the last installment of my Antiquing After Dark photos:

I am also a huge fan of the silver screen antics of Laurel and Hardy (a favorite watch for my brothers and I as young kids). So, I couldn’t resist capturing this charming figurine of the two. If you haven’t seen their films, I highly recommend “One Good Turn”!

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you Monday! (with some very exciting news!)

Also, Dwell with Dignity’s Ready, Aim, Redesign Contest has been extended!! If you want to participate or cast your vote, visit HERE.

White Elephant…After Dark

Whew! What a crazy last few days! Much apologies for my unannounced departure from daily posts. I will have some very exciting news that I can share with you next week…and it will help you understand my brief absence. But for now, you’ll have to wait in eager anticipation. Until then, let me fill you in on a recent Dallas happening.

Last night, I attended a beautifully hosted event benefitting Dwell with Dignity at White Elephant Antiques in Dallas. From the moment I stepped in the store, it instantly became one of my top all-time favorite antique shops!!

They have a gorgeous collection of elegant, exotic, and eclectic pieces arranged beautifully by booth vendors throughout the store. In fact, I think that is much of what I look for in great antique mall…skillfully arranged vignettes (aside from the actual pieces, that is). My current freeze on shopping has left me with little buying power, so browsing through White Elephant was more of a window shopping tour and the lovely booths made my visit oh so pleasant.

Each booth I passed had a unique atmosphere and aesthetic. And so many of them were easy to photograph that I left the evening with a library of images. Prepare yourselves for an extended post!

On second thought, maybe I’ll just work on a Part 2…come back tomorrow for more!

Greek Style!

This past weekend was a welcome departure from my regular schedule of retail, house chores, and email catch-up. Instead, I volunteered to dance with a group of traditional Greek dancers in my churches yearly Greek Festival fundraiser. For the past several months we have been preparing with weekly practices and bi-weekly rehearsals leading up to the final performance weekend.

After lengthy preparation and much anticipation on the part of many new group members (including myself), the weekend went off wonderfully well! Visitors were entertained, funds were raised, and by the end, our group of dancers were proud of the work they had accomplished. Here’s a look at into the whirl-wind weekend of the St. Demetrios Greek Festival of Fort Worth.

Of course, let’s not forget the undeniably delicious and irresistibly tempting Greek pastries! So, I couldn’t leave without my assortment box of goodies…I’m giving it two days.

(Goofy dancing Greek dolls that gave us a run for our money…they didn’t stop bouncing the entire festival!)

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into a rich cultural experience…and as some would say, Opa!! See you there next year!

Photo Credits: Andrew Turner

* thanks buddy!

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A Cote de l’Art

The work of Jacques Grange was unknown to me until a few hours ago yet in these past few hours, I have fallen completely in love with the individuality, grace, humor, intelligence, and sophistication of Monsieur Grange’s portfolio. Via a name I am much more familiar with, Todd Selby, I happened upon Grange’s stunning apartment as featured in Todd’s book (which is now in stock at Amazon.com), “The Selby: is in your place”. What can I say other than love at first site!

For a man whose life long connection to the world of decorative and visual arts began at the esteemed schools of ‘cole Boulle and ‘cole Camondo, and has since included close friends and clients such as Paloma Picasso, Yves Saint Laurent, Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Karl Lagerfield, Grange’s apartment is an eclectic and lively representation of himself.

*This guy is precious in the picture above…thought he deserved his own feature as well.

Mr. Grange’s apartment exists as a type of archive or museum for beautiful pieces of decorative history and exquisite art. However, I imagine a stroll through his home, which by the way was the residence of famed French novelist Colette, is a lesson in taking the “stuffy” out of the word “gallery”. Serious pieces of art and history are mixed with rich cultural elements and domestic fineries and humorously woven together in a less than conventional manner.

Architectural Digest wrote a wonderful article about Mr. Grange and his work. If you’d like to see more of his place, visit it HERE. Also, if you’d like a digital peek into Todd’s book, you can see it online through today only. So, hop over right NOW before its too late!

All Photos Credit of Todd Selby.

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