“Bonnee” Kind of Day

Life has a way of leading you along exciting and unexpected paths and the more time I spend searching the more surprised I am at what is found. In the process of my quest to find my artistic calling, I have found Studio Bon, a lovely textile studio founded, owned, and run by Bonnee Sharp.

Bonnee’s beautiful hand-printed designs and cheerful patterns have been a great success with her well-known distributor, F. Schumacher & Co. (You can see her full collection HERE). So much of a success that her budding business is on it’s way to becoming a full bloom and is requiring additional space and assistance. At the right moment and along my specific path, I arrived at the wonderful opportunity to join Bonnee in her work during my days away from Havertys.

Yesterday was my first day, and it is tremendously exciting! I am using a lot of my knowledge from school and blogging and learning much more about textiles, design, and business as well. Along the way, I will certainly keep you all abreast of my adventures with Bonnee and look forward to all the great experiences I will be sharing with her and her work in the future. My heart is telling me this is the beginning of something wonderful!

(All photos credit to Studio Bon Textiles)

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Thrifting Thursday’s: Episode 2

Once again, the local 2nd hand stores had some wonderful pieces on the floor this past week, making for a great follow-up to Hilary Inspired’s inaugural Thrifting Thursday’s post.

From THIS to THAT: Episode 2

Also, if you’re looking for another resource for some cool home DIY projects, check out Fresh Home Magazines blog….lots of inspiration and ideas to choose from there!

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Viva la Vie Boheme

Photo Credit: via The Swelle Life

Some days, I like to dream of a life of nurtured artistry, unattached to the qualms and quibbles of unhappy customers or disgruntled shoppers. My fantasy world exists as an environment of warm and uninhibited creativity, flexibility, and discovery…curiosity and expression existing one beside the other. This is a lifestyle guided by the principles of “C’est le Vie” and when imagining a life such as this I can easily envision it existing in a place such as this…muse Lou Lou de Falaise’s Parisian apartment.

Photo Credit: via The Swelle Life

Photo Credit: via The Swelle Life

Photo Credit: via The Swelle Life

Photo Credit: via This is Glamorous, Elle Decoration UK

So, this world may not be realistic for most of us but it sure does offer a welcome escape from the woes of retail customer service. (Ugh!) And for the rest of my readers that frequently encounter difficult people and problematic situations, happy dreaming to you, as well!

Mondrian Inspires…

Balenciaga! The innovative French fashion house showcased a stunning collection of cubist style shoes for the current Fall 2010 collection that very clearly referenced artists and designers from the De Stijl movement such as Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld. Vibrant colors, geometric blocking, attention to proportion and shape relationships…it’s all there!

Photo Credit: Style.com & Various Others

Photo Credit: Style.com & Various Others

Art and architecture expressed in footwear that travels out of the museum, onto the streets, and into the world. I think that’s what attracts me so strongly to fashion design and styling….the ability to take an artistic perspective or personal statement and carry it into a person’s ordinary environment.

Photo Credit: Style.com & Various Others

I have long been a fan of the Balenciaga’s forward looking approach to fashion design and this collection made me fall even more in love. You can see the entire collection HERE and if you’re interested in more of it’s history, you can find that HERE.

Why Don’t You…

…Learn to See the Silver Lining…

Rain, rain GO AWAY! We know you’re an absolute necessity but our silly roof  is leaking again and you are the reason!…Promise you will only visit semi-regularly and in light spurts of misty showers….Ok, never mind, I understand your duties and will agree to be pleasant. (sigh) Although you have caused us much inconvenience, I will attempt to refocus my silver lining vision. Perhaps the cracks and stains on our apartment wall and ceiling can take on an artistic persona much like the one below.

Photo Credit: via A Lovely Escape

I think I could learn to accept you more warmly from that perspective. (Or at least have enough patience to live with you until work can be done).

This arrangement of polished antiques and an obvious defect is actually quite beautiful!

A Peak Inside Their Places

The final moment has arrived…CB2 & Todd Selby have announced their final winners of the CB2 & The Selby In Your Place Contest. You may remember my entry that I posted HERE in August. The Contest came at a wonderful time for me in our transition from Tennessee to Texas. Our apartment was an upheaval of boxes & furniture after our recent move, David was busy with the beginning of graduate school, and I was at home most all of the time with little to do…just waiting to begin my new job in September. The contest gave me a mission and short term goal that motivated me to create a comfortable, inviting space that also reflected both the life and style of David and I. After a hurried preparation, frenzied campaign, and tremendous support (we can’t thank you all enough) we made it from a whopping 500 + entries to the top 18!! Although I’m sad to say that we didn’t make into the final 15, the incredible show of support from all my readers, family, and friends has meant more to me than I could have expected. Thank you all again! On that note, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite entries that I kept up with from the beginning of the contest. They aren’t all finalists, but I think they deserve a round of applause as well!

“Glamorous, Rustic, Modern Guest Room”

“Modest Eclectic Epicurean Home + Urban Garden”

“Artist’s Cabin in the Woods”

“The Shark Tank”

“Apartment 3r”

“Modern Urban Marries Color Fusion”

So many stylish people…so little time to be invited to all their fabulous parties that I’m sure they host. 😉 Finally, I also want to congratulate the very talented and fortunate individuals who were honored with final placement….Bravo!! It is well deserved! (You can find the official list HERE).

Thrifting Thursday’s: Episode 1

Ok, so this is a series that I am very excited to announce…Thrifting Thursday’s: From This to That!! It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoy the adventure of scavenging through the unknown of 2nd hand to find that one special piece that I “can’t live without”. Tuesday’s post made that fact even more clear. But I haven’t mentioned much about thrifting for home items. It is just as thrilling and equally rewarding as shopping for apparel. Just take a look at some of my most recent sightings! These are a few examples of what can be found and how it can be transformed. The possibilities are endless and the treasure is simply waiting to be discovered!

From THIS to THAT: Episode 1!

See what I mean? Diamonds in the rough. I would love to hear about the treasures in your area….in fact, send a few snapshots of what you’ve been finding recently and a listing of the shops you’ve been visiting and I’ll share them with the rest of our community. (hilarywalkerdesign@gmail.com) For my Fort Worth friends, my favorite local spot is Berry Good Buys on Berry St. near TCU’s campus. It offers a small but stellar round-up of clothing and home goods and proceeds benefit Safe Haven of Tarrant County. They have a Twitter and Facebook account too…love it!! Doesn’t get much better than that, folks. Can’t wait to hear from you all!!

These Are The Days

These are the days from my home of Tennessee that I miss the most…cool afternoons, amber trees, beautiful scenery for picnics with family and friends. (Ah, some of my fondest memories are from picnics in the Fall). There really isn’t a prettier time of year. Absolutely everything about it is invigorating, which worked out well for my early Fall semester studies.
And my soundtrack for these days, you ask? Bluegrass, of course!

Dolly, I love ya, darlin’!

Photo Credit: via In Honor of Design

Photo Credit: Various

Photo Credit: Cherry Blossom Girl

Photo Credit: Various

For all you Tennesseans, I’m thinking about you!!