Running Out of Space?

Staircases are traditionally meant for one function, to carry you to the next level. While they can be a beautiful centerpiece to a space and an architectural statement in a home, they are still intended for a singular purpose. If you are like me, however, you may have realized that much of that precious square footage is wasted when it could be used for other things. So use it we do, by stacking piles of papers and books and misc. items meant to be carried up the stairs on the next trip…several days later, they still remain on the stairs!

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

How awesome would it be, then, to employ this innovative solution? No more wasted space! Instead every last inch of wall space can be used to store your library of books, collections of trinkets, family photos, or maybe even financial records…ok, maybe that would be best stored away in the office. But you get the idea.

Photo Credit: Antero de Quental

Photo Credit: Antero de Quental

Just think, all these hundreds of years of architectural history we have been living with the philosophy that staircases are for transportation only…I can’t believe it has taken us this long to figure out the stair-book-case!

4 thoughts on “Running Out of Space?

  1. That’s an awesome idea!! Our stairs have piles of sensitive documents waiting to be shredded. I somehow never find the time to get upstairs and spend the 10 minutes to shred. Maybe, after your post, today I will make it happen!! I LOVE the idea of recessed shelves as you go up the stairs!! Thanks for posting. ~Cassie

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