Color Chameleon

Hello dear blog-following friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and made the most of every moment…(well almost every moment). I am up bright and early this morning to begin my new job and retail adventure. In my new position, I will be selling finer furniture (and hopefully lots of it) to fellow Fort Worthians! (Would a more established Texan correct me if I wrote that incorrectly?)

Photo Credit: Hilary Inspired

So, in the spirit of new beginnings and lifestyle changes, I thought I would implement a few improvements/additions to Hilary Inspired, as well. As you all are probably very well aware of, style and fashion (along with interior design) play a significant role in inspiring me on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoy the process of conceiving, selecting, and editing my daily apparel as a physical extension of my personal expression. Color, texture, proportion, shape, and pattern are just part of how I see the world day to day and it all begins with getting dressed in the morning!

Photo Credit: Hilary Inspired

Photo Credit: Hilary Inspired

And what is this blog all about?…inspiration of all shapes and forms!!! So, along with regular programming, I would like to also include occasional personal style stories, as I’m going to call them. They will involve items and ensembles that are currently influencing my perspective and inspiring my creativity in the context of my environment.

Photo Credit: Hilary Inspired

Photo Credit: Hilary Inspired

I think this is going to be a fun and self-instructing project for the Hilary Inspired blog. I hope you continue to enjoy what you find here and would love to hear your feedback!! Have a wonderful day!

7 thoughts on “Color Chameleon

  1. Hilary,
    YES I do LOVE that you are including this new feature to your blog. Today you sound like one of my class assignments on Elements and Principles of Design: Texture, Color, Pattern….AND you truly exemplify all in this blog entry !!!!
    Keep on styling,
    Muse M

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Michelle. It’s amazing how much I reference those early design classes! The simplest concepts are so often the most important and that is certainly the case in design. Hope you’re feeling better!

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