Verde Vision

I have been having the best time with my newly acquired green lens sunglasses. Everywhere I go I view a sea of vibrant green! I found them during my recent trip to Minneapolis at the coolest vintage shop, Tatters. Great prices and gorgeous pieces. If I hadn’t been flying home and on a budget, I could have taken so much more home with me! It was probably for the better, though. While choosing between several different glasses, the clerk assisting me put in his vote for the green pair and then mentioned that green lenses are a more common color in vintage frames (although these are not vintage).

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

Well, of course that sold me! But then I started thinking about what might be the reason for the color green. Just aesthetics? Probably not. So I began my research to uncover the purpose behind emerald lenses. (*read: I did a quick search on Wikipedia). Turns out that many early sunglass lenses were made with mineral glass to filter out the ultraviolet and infrared rays and the color green maintained true color perception. Fascinating!

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

So, the next time you go shopping, take a moment to consider how and why that item got to be the way it is. If you’re really studious, try doing some research. You might be surprised by your findings!

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