Paper Pleasantries

Little more than a year ago, I spent the most wonderful week with my dear and precious friend, Anastasia Munoz while preparing for her wedding.

Photo: Anastasia and Myself

During our week together, we had the fun job of constructing and transporting these tissue pom-poms for the reception hall ceiling (it was actually a lot of fun).

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

So, in simple celebration of her 1 year anniversary (Congratulations, again, dear!), I thought I would dedicate today’s post to Spring and Summer lanterns…one of my favorite outdoor (or indoor) accessories.

Photo Credit: Lonny Magazine

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Coco and Kelley via

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman

Photo Credit:

These are the pom-poms Stasia used for her reception and they worked out beautifully!

Photo Credit:

And there are so many other fun things you can do with this colorful material…

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

I’m already thinking of more project ideas…do you have any?

2 thoughts on “Paper Pleasantries

  1. Hilary,
    I am so glad you stopped by. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I am looking forward to keeping up with it!
    I find so much inspiration from fellow bloggers:)
    I need some sort of decorations like these for an upcoming party. Now I have some resources!

    • So glad I could help and I hope you continue to visit! đŸ™‚ After your party, you should definitely share some of your pics…I would love to see how you incorporated the lantern idea.

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