A Matter of Hats

So, hats…we all want to wear them but very few people actually do? What a tragedy! The other day I was talking to someone about what I consider to be the two most under-rated and under-used accessories right now: scarves & hats. And when I say scarves I don’t mean wooly winter wraps…I mean delicate, patterned silk scarves, the kind you wear on your head, neck or draped around your shoulders. It was only a few weeks ago that I pointed out the potential of this lovely item. And regarding hats…again, I’m not referring to a cold weather knit cap. I mean…well, here’s what I mean. See for your self…

Photo Credit: Zanita.com.au

Photo Credit: Zanita.com.au

Right? Isn’t this a far more fun way to dress up an outfit than the age old necklace or headband? (But, don’t get me wrong, I love both.) I’ve been keeping my eye out for this trend and it’s definitely peaking out. Here are a few more examples:

Photo Credit: Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

And if you need something a little more cozy, try this…

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Or this…

Photo Credit: Sea of Shoes

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Photo Credit: Radar Zine

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

And for the star of today’s post…(drum roll, please)…the lovely Garance, sporting both of my favorite pieces!

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Do you have the courage to wear a hat?…please say yes! We can start a street style revolution together.

6 thoughts on “A Matter of Hats

  1. Well, I am all about scarves, and yes I do love hats….but what is the answer to “hat hair”? Some situations do call for the removal of a hat…..and Day Day used to be quite the hat enthusiast.

    • Good question! Here’s what I do (this will help those with short hair): I try not to wear hats that are too snug, I consider my day and the environment I will be in, and then I plan accordingly. When I do take off my hat, a light fluff and then I’m on my way. Your hair is probably not as bad as you think. If you are really concerned, you might even keep some “sprucing” product in your purse. And remember many times its appropriate for a lady to keep her hat on indoors. Hope this helps!

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