Save Those Old Calendars

Today’s post is a healthy dose of DIY information as a follow-up from yesterday’s subject…well really from the past week. Recently, I been talking a lot about reusing the good items that you already have for a new and exciting purpose. Yesterday, I shared a few images of vintage posters that I absolutely love! Well, today you get it all in one. Every year, I am saddened by the thought of tossing my beautiful calendars that I so carefully selected 365 days earlier. It’s seems like such a shame! Well, a couple years ago I decided to keep those lovely prints around by clipping and saving them for various DIY projects. One such project was actually a school assignment in my lighting design class. We were asked to design a light fixture as a solution to a personal lighting problem. My personal lighting problem: one long sofa and only one side table and lamp. Solution: combine the two and use my old calendar of vintage european prints on the shade. Result…voila!

Photo Credit: ME!

Ok, so it’s humble, but a great idea for using your old calendar prints and enjoying them for a bit longer.

Photo Credit: ME!

Photo Credit: ME!

Photo Credit: ME!

Of course, you can always frame your favorite prints and create a grid or gallery collection.

Photo Credit: Me

Photo Credit: Me

For another idea, use your prints as a collage but, unlike your third grade art class, elegantly framed and hung on your wall as a piece of personal artwork.

Photo Credit: ME!

Photo Credit: ME!

Happy clipping!

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