A Memory Moment

So when I first saw this picture, I was immediately caught by it. The cheerful color in such an unexpected place made me happy to look at. I stowed it away in my inspiration file and then came back to it recently with a fond memory…my Dad attended art school in Portland, OR and lived in a two-story apartment with some art buddies. He told us that he and the guys painted the stairs between the top and bottom floor the shades of the rainbow starting with red on down to purple on the other side (I think that was the order). It was an image that always humored me  and I guess that’s why I initially liked this one so much.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

After a little more research I learned that these 112 stairs painted by Horst Glasker in Germany  combine emotional words such as “to cuddle”, “to get the tinglies”, “panic” and “love” and brightly colored steps on a public walkway.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Hope you all have a great weekend and  thanks for a fantastic first full week!

The Classics!

The back bone of every successful closet are the classics we’ve all seen and worn for years. Today’s post is a look at a few of these styles and the women who added to their status as classics.

The black skinny pant:

Then…Audrey Hepburn

Photo Credit: Art Wallpapers


Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

Menswear Details:

Then…Katharine Hepburn

Photo credit: Ekawear

Photo Credit: Fanpix.com


Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

The pearl necklace:

Then…Grace Kelly




Photo Credit: Kirtsi Irgens from streetpeeper.com

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Just while organizing this post, I’m remembering and discovering so many more examples of the classics then and now. Since I’ve only just scratched the surface I think I’ll finish with to be continued…

The Tulip Collection

I have a hard time finding anything from the great mid-century furniture designers that I dislike. The simplicity and strength of their designs have always inspired me. One of my absolute favorites would certainly have to be Eero Saarinen and his Tulip collection. All of his work, such as the St. Louis Gateway Arch and the John F. Kennedy Airport (to name just a few), extended the ideas of architecture to a whole new level. But the graceful lines and unique shape of the his Tulip pieces still excite me. I dream of one day having a piece of my very own! When that day comes I would love to use these classic modern pieces in combination with a more traditional setting. The fact that this treatment works so well is a testament to Saarinen’s design, in my opinion. His pieces beautifully integrate into even the most unexpected environments. Here are a few images that I find especially inspiring.

Photo Credit: Wary Meyers

Photo Credit: Living Etc.

Photo Credit: Design Within Reach



Photo Credit: Living Etc.

Photo Credit: The Late, Great Domino Magazine

Ok, you get the idea. I love this furniture collection! Now it’s your turn…I want to know what your favorite furniture piece/collection is?

Style Mood

Warm Luxe

via Polyvore.com

With as many different styles and aesthetics as I have an interest in, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down those interests into my current “style mood”. Often I feel like a case of style ADD. So today I made an attempt to channel my most current enthusiasm. Warm, luxe, jewel tones, shimmer, hints of exotic…what did I tell…still in winter.

Do You Know Your Type?

Photo Credit: Pentagram

Good morning! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I worked on homework, did dishes, hung with my kitties, danced quite a bit, spent some much-needed time with my husband, and found my type all in the same weekend! Yes, my type font. I found a short quiz here that claims to give insight into one’s personality and style by identifying a certain type for their answers. It’s actually surprisingly accurate! My case was a little unusual, though. The day that I took the quiz had been a stressful day and I was feeling like a challenger. So my answers included “assertive” as a personality trait. Well, that may not be exactly true…sometimes I’m assertive and then the rest of the time I’m “understated” (as described on the quiz). So, my first pick was Pistilli Roman…

Photo Credit: Pentagram

…very dramatic and glamorous, but my second quiz placed me with Marina Script, which I think is much more appropriate.

Photo Credit: Pentagram

Photo Credit: Pentagram

Photo Credit: Pentagram

Photo Credit: Pentagram

Take a moment to check it out and let me know what you think. Again, here’s the link. Enjoy!

Something Bright

Ok, I still maintain that I’m not exactly ready for a season change but after today I might be ready for something bright and cheerful. By the late afternoon, I was once again in knots from the stress of the day. (Starting a new school semester can be tiring and stressful.) As I was driving home, I began thinking about all the lovely things that would cheer me up. Here are a few of the images that came to mind:

Photo Credit: Vice 2008-Cabin Fever

~ Fanciful adventures

Photo Credit: Francois Halard- Beautiful Things to Share

~ Desktop Flowers

Photo Credit: America Vogue January 2009

~ The color RED

Photo Credit: Mark Shaw

And my greatest style inspiration, Audrey Hepburn herself! Being as effortless and beautiful as ever.

Ahhh…I feel better now. Smile on my face and ready for another day. Hope you have a delightful day too!

Winter Beauty

About a week ago, Tennessee went through a cold spell along with the rest of the country. Our temperatures dropped down to around 14 degrees F and we even received near 2″ of snow! 😉 It was such a quiet beauty at first. Then, of course, as the day wore on the snow turned to slush and then back to ice in the evening. All in all, though, I really enjoyed it. Snow brings a very unique peace and elegance into the often gray winter months. In the South its a special treat and conjures memories of closed school days and rare sledding adventures. Today, I would have loved to have had some snow (or maybe even a little frost)…

Photo Credit: Cedric Bihr

but instead it rained and rained and rained! Very dreary. I’ll be dreaming of some frosty weather in the morning. Maybe then I can pull out my heavy winter coat and take advantage of all my cold weather accessories!

Photo Credit: Cedric Bihr

Believe it or not, I’m just not ready for Spring yet.

Hello world!

This is the beginning of an exciting new adventure for me! For those that don’t know me (all of you), my name is Hilary Walker and I am a young, enthusiastic and motivated daughter of the internet age. I am currently a student in the field of interior design, teach ballroom dancing, and find myself constantly dreaming in the world of fashion and style. All my life I have knowingly or unknowingly sought out inspiring snapshots from the world around me. Until recently, I have logged these things in my mind and drawn from them when needed. Now is my chance to share what I see with you! When I began editing this introductory post, WordPress started me off with a lovely prefab heading…”Hello World!” and while it’s not very original and most probably the same first heading of many a new blogger, it struck a simple chord with me. This IS a new world and I am so glad to greet you all!

Acne Paper Sweden

Day dreaming of new opportunities!